Racism: No Black Marines in Clint Eastwood's Film

Only racism can explain Clint Eastwood failing to cast black actors in his new depiction of marines fighting Japanese tyrants in the pacific durring WWII. This is just as shocking as Mel Gibson supposedly toiling for absolute accuracy with his depiction of Jesus -- right down to speaking an extinct language -- and then casting all the Cannanite/Isrealite/Palitinian charactors with honkey actors (just as Martin Scorsesee did with Last Temptation). I'm all for disregarding race when casting films, even historical films. Why not Don Cheedle as Bonaparte? But clearly USA filmmakers disregard race when casting only when it means honkies playing non-honkey charactors.

Interestingly, Cleopatra really was a honkey, and the only historical inaccuracies with casting Liz Taylor are: Liz was too old (Cleo was 16 when Ceasar met her) and pretty (Cleo was physically homely, and drew her sex appeal from her personality, just like Nadir's dad).

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