Bono Provides Tax Lesson

Nadir: Which would you rather have:
A) 10% of none of Bono's annual royalties.
B) 5% of all of Bono's annual royalties.

Even Bono understand this much math, so I assume that you do as well:
A) 10% of nothing = nothing
B) 5% of millions = a lot of money.

With (A) above, the Irish government gets 10% of nothing, and the Netherlands (B) get 5% of Bono's millions. The government leaders in the homeland of your Irish ancestors must feel really good about not implimenting a "tax cut for the rich." That's what most liberal policies do: make the lawmakers feel good about themselves. Those bastard government officials in the Netherlands have implimented one of those immoral "tax cuts for the rich". But who's getting more money from those evil rich U2ers?

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