Duke Rape Faker Sicko: "Put Marks On Me"

Duke Hoochie Dancer 2, Kim Roberts, now makes another shocking claim about her her dance partner, Crystal Magnum, during the time before Magnum would invent a rape charge to escape arrest and mandatory drug testing:

We already know, according to Roberts' previous statements to police and news media, that when the girls left much earlier than planned, after fighting with the Duke jerks about money and a rude comment about a broomstick, Magmum's ride home hadn't arrived. So Roberts tried to drive Magnum home, but Magnum would not, or could not, provide directions. Roberts got scared by Magnum's behavior (the jerks claimed that Magnum's behavior scared them, and that they locked her out when she tried to get in to retrieve some of her belongings) , which included accusations that Roberts had conspired with the jerks to steal the cash that she left behind, and demands to return to "earn more money." So Roberts pulled into a grocery store and tried to push and pull Magnum out of the car. During this struggle, Roberts now reveals, Magnum started saying really sick things, like: "Put marks on me. That's what I want."

What a mess. Should we pity Magnum? Her behavior suggests to me that she's experienced horrible abuse, maybe rape or beatings, in her childhood. That could explain her capacity to falsely accuse some rich jerks of rape to avoid her own arrest, and to make sicko comments like this. Her original major crime -- stealing a stripper customer's car, driving it wildly while drunk, and running from cops in it - was kooky as well. Maybe drug use explains it all.

We learn this week also that the DA never interviewed Magnum himself prior to issuing arrest warrants, and in this article we learn that he also never interviewed Roberts.

With people like Nadir remaining numb, or supporting Magnum, due to considerations of race and class, they will have no credibility when they try to speak out in the future when some poor black guy gets falsely accused by a honkey girl of rape, and some incompetent DA ignores facts and proper conduct in pressing charges. The people who now support the Duke victims -- even rich jerks are sometimes victims -- should represent valuable public resources for future poor black guys railroaded like this. More precisely, the Duke victims themselves should represent perhaps the most valuable public assets possible for such a victim. But with "black community activists" like Nadir now representing their biggest enemy -- imagine how the DA would react if Jesse, Rev. Al, NAACP leaders, etc. all stood up for the Duke victims -- when this ever happens in the future to a poor black guy, how can Nadir and Jesse get help from these Duke Victims?

"Excuse me, even though I am certain that you raped that girl (Jesse) / even though I have a policy of not making public judgments when this happens to rich white guys (Nadir), some lying, drugged-out cracker hoochie has made a clearly fake accusation against a poor black guy in order to get out of a public intoxication arrest and a mandatory blood check for illegal drugs. Can you guys help generate public pressure on the DA to spare this innocent soul from an unfair prosecution?"

The Jesses and Nadirs are keeping these situations divided by race: Jesse automatically supports black folks even when they lie, and Nadir just zips his mouth when it's the black folks who are doing wrong to a honkey. Imagine the credibility of these sorts of people if they sought justice in all circumstances, not just when it's white-on-black.

From the article:===============

"In terms of any prosecution, it's troubling when a witness who has been interviewed many times comes up with a completely new statement," Fairstein told ABC News. "At some point in a prosecutorial interview, she would have been asked to give them anything she knew, any scrap of information that she had."

Fairstein told ABC News she was shocked to learn last week that Nifong had yet to interview the accuser. "That is just against the progress that's been made in this very specialized field," she said.

"It belies anything a prosecutor would do before making charges. There was no need to rush to the charging judgment in this case. … This whole train should have been slowed down and everybody interviewed before charging decisions. To have witnesses appear on a media program revealing information that the prosecutor doesn't know is stunningly inappropriate."

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