NAACP To Monitor Elections

This is good news. The NAACP help spread hysterical claims about "voter intimidation". Now they can -- and should -- take direct action to ensure against it, and document any problems. I hope they monitor honkey polling places as well, to ensure againt ballot stuffing. But without my proposals to have duplicate paper ballots checked by independant observers -- such as NAACP -- in full view of everyone, I don't see how to guarantee against many possible forms of cheating. For example, if the NAACP sees no voter intimidation, how do they know that poll workers won't stuff ballots? Or that electronic polls aren't rigged, or changed? Will the NAACP check IDs, to ensure that people voting are who they say they are? And what about all those illegal honkie immigrants that Nadir claims exist, shouldn't we worry about them voting?

One worry: If other election observers are checking for IDs ("voter challange"), will the NAACP declare this to be "intimidation"? If so, why not send NAACP officials to honkie polls and challange voters there?

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