Married Muslim Female Seeks Brain

This essay will bouy those depressed by reports from Dubai this week on the Ignorance Olympics, where deprived muslim schoolboys compete in reciting the koran. My favorite: Mohammad's "received" instructions on how to behead infidel male prisoners -- and rape female prisoners -- who refuse to convert. This female writer provides fresh indication that the Dark Age of Islam will eventually end. Ignorance can't last forever, and knowledge -- like entropy -- flows only in one direction. Once knowledge liberates an ignorant brain, that brain can never return to ignorance.


Nadir said...

How is this different from Christians who do as their preachers command because they are implored to have "faith"? Most don't even know the history of their religion, and if you tell them about it, they will say you are trying to shake their faith.

How is this different from right-wingers who STILL believe we are in Iraq for noble reason even though all the evidence is to the contrary?

Much of the world consists of sheep. This woman seems to be realizing she has been one and she is waking up. What is the excuse of all these right-wing nuts who still pledge allegiance to the Republican party when all evidence shows they are ruining the country?

Paul Hue said...

Neither I nor this author assert that strictly religious muslims are the only brainless people on earth. I certainly count amoungst them christians who keep their tithe going to fat cat preachers even as they can't pay their own bills.

Though I am starting to believe that Bush is losing his war, I don't think that a lack of brain on my part explains why I believe that he attempted something noble.