"Women Never Lie About Rape"?

That's one false liberal mantra that I used to believe. Here's a case of a woman who got pregnant, and claimed it resulted from a rape. Now she's convicted of the pregnancy having resulted from her sex with a 12-year-old cousin. Evil men have many available weapons against women. One is fists. Another is rape. Evil women also exist, and they have weapons available to them against men. One is a false charge of rape.


Nadir said...

Women have been known to lie about being raped. This is true.

However, more often women have been the victim of rape and haven't told anyone about it out of shame or fear or loyalty to the rapist, or whatever.

Paul Hue said...

I do not doubt claims that most authentic rapes of women by men go unreported; I assume that this is the case. I believe that most people believe this, which is also true of most crimes.

But I want people to also realize that claims of rape are no more likely to be true than any alleged crime.

Paul Hue said...

How is it that we've learned to suspect parents who report a missing child, but not women who report rape?

Paul Hue said...


Now Duke Stripper 2 returns to her original story: no rape. No explanation for why she changed for a while to a position of: I didn't see anything, but I think those bastards are lying, and it could have happened. She's back to her original story: I saw nothing to indicate a rape, and plenty that indicated no rape.

According to Nadir's attitude: Any woman makes a rape charge, just arrest the accused and let the legal system sort it out.