Victims of Duke Rape Hoax on 60 Minutes

Here's the transcript of the 60 Minutes story with the three Duke Rape Hoax Victims, and Stripper 2 Kim Roberts, all interviewed, all blasting the false allegation by Crystal Gail Magnum... who, naturally, refused to be interviewed. I don't blame her too much for inventing the rape in order to get out of an arrest for public intoxication, and a forced drug test that might have found illegal drugs in violation of her probation for auto theft. But I do blame her for not later backing out with a second lie, about being too traumatized to testify. The biggest shame goes to:

1. The DA, for pushing this case.
2. The "community activists" and other such people who have pressed this even after the facts emerged.
3. The Duke students who instantly believed Magnum's story immediately and created the initial political pressure to prosecute. Most of these people redeemed themselves by dropping support for Magnum when the facts emerged.
4. Those who profess to "fight racism" but have remained silent here merely because the victims are rich white assholes.

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