DA Still Hasn't Interviewed Duke Rape Hoaxer!

The Duke Rape DA, Mike Nifong, who has preposterously pursued his prosecution despite mounting and redundant evidence exonerating the accused, still hasn't bothered to interview the false-accuser, Crystal Gail Magnum. Aside from heaping onto the astounding mountain of evidence demonstrating the DA's incompetence, the revelation confirms that that the DA has no secret surprise evidence that clearly demonstrates how three (or four? or five?) men can violently rape a women orally, vaginally, and anally in a bathroom without condoms and while ejaculating without leaving any DNA on a woman who has DNA from consensual sex with a another male partner days earlier. Granted, such hypothetical "surprise evidence" would have to overcome even more anti-rape evidence (such as Magnum claiming that her strip partner, Kim Roberts, witnessed part of the rape, which Roberts denies, and at least one of the accused has evidence showing he was elsewhere during the only time available for a rape to occur).

Is anybody who supports Nifong prosecution surprised that Nifong has such absolute confidence without even interviewing the accuser? How about his refusal to interview the accused who came calling?

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