Veils Suck

Yes, they do. And Nadir and Tom would abhor them as well if Jerry Falwell demanded them of all christian hoes. I didn't realize that muslim phychopaths executed some of Salman Rushdie's international publishers.


Nadir said...

Most Muslim women do not wear veils. They are usually reserved for ultra-orthodox women, and many (not all) are forced to wear them by their husbands.

Many Muslim women to cover their heads at all unless they are praying. The tradition comes from interpretations of the Bible and from Hadiths.

So yes, this is a tradition that many believe limits personal freedom, but most importantly to Westerners, it makes them feel uncomfortable because of the mystery of the person behind the veil.

Westerners don't trust people who they can't look in the eye. This despite people like George Bush who will lie in your face and send your son or daughter off to die.

Veils don't hurt anyone. Unless a woman doesn't want to wear it, it is harmless. If a person believes it makes them closer to God, or as one Muslim sister I know said of covering her hair, "God commands it", who is it hurting?

Paul Hue said...

I oppose any ban on veils, except in cases of photo identification subject to everybody else. Anybody who believes that "god commands women to wear veils" loses respect points from me, right along with those who employ the same logic to condem Nadir's dad and mine for french kissing.