Anti-Rummy Screed by Pat Buch

RF's favorite isolationist launches a pretty unassailable depiction of the retired General's Coup. While I agree that criticisms during a war undermines the war, leaders of a democracy must bear this in mind when they choose war. If they cannot do so in a manner that inspires public confidence, they indeed have lost a front that -- in many wars -- is the most important one. For various reasons, Lincoln was able to ultimately win in that front, despite bitter and devoted opposition. Also like Bush, he had never served in combat and clashed with many of his generals, in rejecting their advise. But Lincoln found a way to win the Union public, and it didn't involve his supporters calling for critics to clamp their mouths. Bush has not found a way to effectively unify his own public behind this war; that is a real and important defeat.

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Buchy gives another shot against the war, and against globalization: