Hey, let's go bomb Iran!

Come on, guys. Please tell me this isn't serious. You're already getting your asses kicked in two war (you essentially control the capital and a few provinces in Iraq and Afghanistan). Now you're going to open a third front--enraging a bunch of Shiites in the country next door to Iraq, surely inflaming the Sunni-Shiite conflict to epochal proportions? Can anyone seriously see this as a way forward?

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Paul Hue said...

I think that war is probably the wrong approach in Iran, since it appears that a large fraction of its people -- perhaps a majority -- wants self government and individual freedoms. Maybe there is a non-war method. But we have to remember, the president there speaks of "eliminating" another country, Isreal, which is an ally, and the closest thing in the region to a democracy. I'm not sure, and when Tom or Nadir preach peace, they have no credability with me, because they are always for "peace" when it comes to democracies confronting dictators.