What Phenomenon of White Men Raping Black Women?

Of white women reporting rapes last year, the fraction reporting black assailants: 15.5%, which is roughly the fraction of US men who are black.

Of black women reporting rapes last year, the fraction reporting honkey assailants:
0.0% (less than a tenth of a percent).

No wonder black strippers prefer white audiences. Jesse Jackson and the Righteously Angry Blacks (RABs) at NCCU are invoking a concept that doesn't exist anymore, thanks to the brave efforts of people who risked their lives before us.

And guess where The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education put Duke on its list of best schools for African Americans? Near the top. With its roughly 10% black composition, that's pretty close the national black population percent. Expect to see black Duke students speaking out on behalf of these accused lacrosse players.


Paul Hue said...

A fourth non-white girl is now on camera defending the accused. Over a third of Duke's students are official "minorities", and one third of them are black. These guys have black friends.

In observing my daughter and her friends, I wonder if finally all the old racist words have any meaning anymore among most ordinary people, espeically "multi-culturalized" whites who have black friends and who are saturated with black music and films showcasing black people using these terms.

Are whites who are not racist, and who have black friends, to admire and adopt all aspects of popular black culture, except a few (previously?) taboo words? Surely racist whites still exist, and surely they use those words in their original contexts. But what about the newer generations of whites? Does the "n" word (and similar terms) used by a honkey still automatically unambiguously indicate a white supremist? And what about during a verbal fight in which a black person starts hurling racial slurs?

Paul Hue said...

The people rallying around the Duke strippers: what would they have done had they been around during the famous Scottsboro Boys trial? Was that woman telling the truth, too?