False Rape Charges

I don't know what fractions of rape charges are false, or what fractions of rapes get reported. I know many women (ten or so) who claim to have been raped at least once, always by somebody they know; none of them reported the rape. I believe them. I know one guy who says he has been falsely accused. I assume that most real rape cases don't get reported, and that some significant minority of reported cases are false.

I believe that Mike Tyson did not rape his accuser; I believe she changed a slutty, groupie action on her part into a rape charge, probably triggered by loutish behavior by Mike. I believe something similar happened to Kobe, probably triggered by him trying to force into their encounter an unwelcome act involving the nether regions. Here's some cases of women certainly filing false rape charges.



In this one, the St. Johns basketball team got accused by a women they met at 2:30am who went back to their hotel room and had sex with several of them. At 4:30am she reported them to the police. The police went to their room; lucky for them, one of them secretly recorded the encounter on his cell phone; what if he hadn't? What if the players had been white, and the girl black? (She was a prostitute, and they had a dispute over money!!!)

Here also a man is rescued by a hidden cell phone camera recording. Makes you wonder how many un-taped encounters get falsely transformed into successful fake rape charges.


Paul Hue said...

The prosecuter has gone from (1) declaring that a rape took place and insisting that DNA evidence would confirm a rape and that he would release results, to (2) backpeddling on the significants of DNA results, delaying them, and stating that he would not release the results, to (3) shutting the hell up, which is what he should have done in the first place, pending completion of his investigation. The single output from police since the DA has shut up has been the offensive email, which seems like it will support the defense.

Meanwhile the defense attornies have increased their public output, including now claims that they have photos showing that the accuser showed up so drunk or high that she couldn't stand, which presents now a logical, innocuous explanations for why the girls stopped dancing (in conjunction, probably, with an insult from one of the guys), why the patrons got mad, why accuser left her money, why she lost nails, and why she had bruises and cuts. I can imagine now that the girls claimed that they stopped dancing because the insult, and that they were still entitled to the money since they had provided their service in good faith, whereas the guys claimed that the one stripper was incapacitated and that the girls were using the insult as an excuse to take the money without performing their service.


If the accuser is lying -- it seems clear that Stripper 2 has lied quite a bit -- then it will be fascinating to see how the DA and the campus activists respond, having already proclaimed a conclusion prior to completion of investigation. I'm about 79.4% sure the allegation is fake and will disintegrate. If so, I predict that the city will get sued by each of the players, charging that the DA accused them publically prior to completing his investigation; it will be a replay of the sorry Richard Jewell case. Yes, crackers also get falsely accused by law enforcement.

Let's imagine now the campus activitists and media if the strippers were white and the players were black...

Paul Hue said...

Will more emails surface favoring the accused? This story repeats the ignorant and niave interpretation of the one email as seriously advocating a public "killing" and "skinning" of a stripper the next night. The accurate interpretation of these terms will be lurid, but confirmed by rap lyrics.


If the case continues its disintegration, men involved in these sordid situations will start filming and photographing as never before.

Paul Hue said...

Here's a Duke law prof stating the DA is making a mistake by putting his case in the public. He doesn't like that the defense attornies have responded in kind, but what else are they to do? Once the case goes to the press, if the prosecution's case looks good and unanswered, then surely charges will get filed, and the accused can only get a hearing within the expensive forum of a courtroom, where their liberties are at stake. I believe that good defense attornies must respond in public if the DA has gone public.


I believe that if this case goes away, the accuser might avoid charges by claiming that she was so wasted that she was insane at the time. However, this defense wouldn't work if she had been driving; its legal to make false charges when you're drunk, but not to drive?

Stripper 2 will have some problems avoiding charges for her own false call. In one of these reports I've posted, defense attornies cliaim that Stripper 2 is on record saying that the accuser never told her anything about a rape.

Paul Hue said...

The defense attornies claim to have time-stamped photos just prior to the first 911 phone call of the accuser passed out on the back porch, and then being helped into the car of Stripper 2. This would place the accuser in the car with Stripper 2 when she made the first fake 911 call at a pay phone, stating that "nobody hurt us". It also flatly falsifies her claim to have found the accuser walking on the street.

Will the coach get his job back? Will the guy who wrote the nasty email get reinstated with the school? (Surely Duke will not analyze every student email and expel everyone who's written ugly comments.)

Paul Hue said...

"Some have taken issue at what they perceive as attempts to smear a victim of a heinous crime."

Who started smearing whom first?

Paul Hue said...

What a mess the DA has created. Even if a rape did occur, he's poluted the jury pool and created a grounds for retrail in the case of a conviction. Here a law prof and a defense attorney state that once the DA went public, the defense had no choice but to counter in public as well.


It looks like the accuser showed up so drunk and/or high (and apparently 30 minutes late; Stripper 2 waited outside) that the show couldn't go on. Stripper 2 probably wanted her money as she fulfilled her obligations (or at least tried to), but the accuser was so trashed that Stripper 2 had to tend to her, probably trying to revive her in the bathroom; perhaps they even got into a friendly scuffle there (interesting to check *her* arms for scratches from the accuser!). Doubtless one or more drunk patrons responded rudely, perhaps giving Stripper 2 justification for leaving without a full show, but with full payment. This confrontation could easily have included some racial remarks... from both sides. And Stripper 2 could have been very angry.

What an ugly scene. I imagine that Stripper 2 pulled over at the grocery store when she realized that the accuser left her purse (including money), cell phone (and keys?). The accuser might have improvised the rape allegation when the security guard brought the police into this mad scenerio.

What was the angry Stripper 2 aiming for with her fake 911 call minutes after leaving with the wasted accuser? Why did Stripper 2 lie about her relationship with the accuser? Stripper 2 might have mastermined an impromptu retaliation. Eager for those photos...

Paul Hue said...

This report has the grocery store security guard reporting the accuser as drunk, but saying he smelled no alcohol. Drugs, then? Not impossible; if the photos show what they purport: probable. Why's the DA so silent now? Why the DNA delay? Why the downplaying of it as his last comment?

Will the boyfriend who drover the accuser to the medical facility be tested as well for DNA?


The accuser has a few outs:

1. I was on drugs, and I don't really know what happened.
2. I'm too scared and intimidated by the racist public scathing to continue with my accurate charges.
3. I was on drugs, and I don't really know what happened, but I wasn't raped and I'm sorry.

Paul Hue said...

Protests continue, even as the DA backpeddles and the defense offensive results in daily revelations. Even if a rape occured, the DA and the protesters are as yet unjustified to 100% champaion the accuser and 100% revile the accused. Logic and fairness mandate that any interested party demand no more than a thorough and accurate investigation.


Paul Hue said...


The defense claims that the "cameras have been calibrated." If they are wrong about the innocence of the accused, hell will fall down upon the attornies and their clients, with a weight many times greater than what as been seen hitherto. It is they who now dash further and further out onto a limb, as the DA seems to have gone into hiding...

Paul Hue said...

The photos show that the fake nails were already off prior possible time of alleged rape?


Paul Hue said...

Don't know if this helps or hurts either side, but this article says the guys requested white strippers. This could portray the guys as racist. But it could also give non-rape reasons for the guys to be upset; and they guys could say they requested a white stripper in case there was a problem, the stripper couldn't play the race card. An earlier article has the "escort" dispatcher saying that the person who ordered the "escorts" did not specify race.


Paul Hue said...

OK, the DNA results are out, but not yet released. One of the two parties is going to look foolish: the DA or the defense attornies. Both sides have gone out and made certain claims about the results. I think that these results will determine the case, by knocking down one of the two parties. The defense has had a great week, but if their claims about the DNA fall flat, so will all their other assertions. The defense has been clear: no sex took place. If the results disprove that, I think that the accused are back in their original hole, and they would have been better off if the previous week's revelations had awaited room for including consensual sex into their story of non-rape. But if these results confirm the big talk of the defense, I predict they will steam-roll ahead.

On the otherhand, if the now-quite DA has his earlier exlamations confirmed, he's back on top, and all the claims of innocence by the accused basically go into the garbage.