Duke Rape Crimestoppers Report Deflates

This report asserts that the "crimestoppers" description of the rape allegation moderated over time, as facts emerged. For example, the original entry used the word "victim", which has been replaced by the word "complantaint". The report reminds me that original claim included an allegation of robbery, and the recovery of the accuser's purse and $400 seemed to confirm this. New facts, though, paint a more likely scenario: the stripper was so wasted that she left her purse behind. If you were going to "rob" somebody, would you do it in your own house, and keep preserve all the case in the victim's purse? The fact that the cash remained in the purse suggests that its existance at the house didn't even result from the guys confiscating the money that they had paid her for services not-rendered: if that was the case, why did they leave the money in the purse?

WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS? The defense is starting to draw questions to itself.

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Paul Hue said...

At the parking lot, why did the security guard call police?

Why did the security guard want the accuser "out of the car"?

Why were the girls in the parking lot?