Las Vegas Gang Swarm Beatings: Racism?

Does the recent spree of "swarm" beatings by a Las Vegas gang constitute a white gang attacking non-white people? Surely not, or that's how the press would describe it, it would receive much more media attention, and a variety of angry and righteous "civil rights advocates" would be loudly defending the victims, demanding summary justice against the accused, and protesting the mere $4,000 bond assigned to the sole arrested person so far.

Instead this spree involves a black-only gang. Can "racism" explain why these people are acting this way? Does this behavior by these people pose as much of a threat to black people as does, say, the Duke lacrosse team? Do these men pose more of a threat to black women in Las Vegas than does the Duke lacrosse team to black women in Duhram?

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republican brother said...

Paul, Iam sure the media just forgot to mention it lol. If the gang was white and the victim was black, this would have been 24 hour coverage on all the networks. Baghdad Bob has more crediability then America's media. This story has gotten zero airtime on the networks. Another display of activist journalism.