Common Sense Violates Today's Sensitivities

In order to protect your safety: Don't be a stripper. Don't hire strippers. If you're a girl, don't get excessively fall-down drunk in public, and if you do, don't leave alone with men that you've just met.

I remind my dear readers that during the heyday of the Cute White Girl Missing in Aruba days (to the extent that heyday has died), I spoke out against the absolute and instantaneous insistance of many people, including especially many cable news personalities and Natalie Holloway's family, that the rich white boy was guilty. It looks increasingly like he is innocent, and that Natalie behaved with aggressive recklessness on the night that she disappeared. Only a moron would interpret my conclusion as indicating that I believe she desearved what she got.

Last week one of Joran Vander Sloot's chief cable news adversaries interviewed him for one hour, without an attorney and no stipulations. He answered every question, and his every answer seemed reasonable to me. By his account, Natalie got super smashed, left with him, then at her request stayed alone on the beach a few hours before dawn. What's wrong with pointing out that women should be staggering around on their own late at night super drunk?

I bet those lacrosse guys regret having strange women come to their home to strip for money; this put the players at risk for false charges from women that they don't know. Surely there are strippers out there who authentically regret going to strange men's homes to strip for money; such situations put them at risk for getting drugged and/or raped by men they don't know.

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