Duke Rape Allegations Analyzed

Very nice critical look; this blog post includes claims that the strippers hoisted racial slurs at the accussed. Sounds like an argument over money included gratuatous racial slurs. Is it possible that the neighbor who reported the awful comment about "thank your gramma for my cotton shirt" also reported racial comments from the stippers, but the press chose only to broadcast the anti-black comments?

A newscast report today on cable showed a black female Duke student identified as a friend of the player who wrote the email. She adamantly defended him as a friend, nice guy, "jolly green giant", and "goofball" who she would never expect to write such an email. That email is certainly nothing more than a hyper-sexual guy expressing excitement that he can get some strippers to come over for consensual, non-intercourse, clothed sex-for-pay.

Did a rape occur? I'm about 75% certain now that it did not. If it did, why did the second girl lie so much? Why did she place the fake call minutes after the alleged victim left for the second time, immediately after the alleged rape? Why did she tell the grocery store security guard that she didn't know the alleged victim, and had found her walking on the street? The lying by these girls leads me to doubt their allegation. I think they got mad about a dispute over money.

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Paul Hue said...

Duke basketball players ask: Racism? What racism?


Their comments will surely get dismissed by those who say that they got special treatment; but imagine if these guys claimed that there was lots of racism! And you will remember that the video press has recently recorded the testimony of a black girl who's friends with the white guy who wrote that notorious email. I am very curious for the first comments from the black lacrosse player...