History of Durham, NC... Facts with Nonsense

This history of Durham, NC begins fascinatingly and credibly. Duke and NCUU have tandum origins, and seed money both from the honkey tobacco planter, Duke, which I already knew. But I didn't know that John Hope Franlin wrote his famous book as a history prof at NCUU, or that Durham had a sizable and organized class of light-skinned blacks descended from honkey fathers who founded a still-extant insurance company. This narrative goes on to hail the gradual, ongoing success of Durham blacks, culminating with black officials assuming leadership of the city's mayoral and police chief offices (though the article omits revealing that most of the city's city council members are also black).

Then the narrative careens off the tract, claiming that, "white people hated Black people as much then as they do now." What? The narrative then proceeds into the current controversy, preposterously describing the rape accuser primarily as "a mother of two", when that fact is not germaine to the story, whereas her status as a stripper is. Among the other presposterous descriptions here, the author sets up and knocks over the following straw man: "Several white women who know and in some instances shared dormitory space with the two thus far accused insist that they would feel safe with these boys under similar circumstances of kidnap and rape. Sure they would!" Convienently the author fails to reveal that at least four non-cracker Duke females -- including one "African-American" -- provided the same enthusiastic public testimony.

Nor does the author recognize that support for the accused didn't start until lots of facts materialized, most notably the negative DNA test restuls, whereas support for the accuser began instantly and has always included a hearty fraction of honkies. In fact, weeks before any NCUU students protested in support of the accuser, it was white-majority (!) Duke students who staged a dozen or so demonstrations supporting the accuser, and excoriating *ALL* of the Duke lacrosse team members -- by name and photo! Presumably this Duke population of accuser-supporters has waned since facts have emerged that cast doubt on the accuser, with plent of Duke students telling news cameras that they regret having initially supported the accuser. But what besides racism explains people like this author fervently supporting the accuser, despite the barage of mounting facts that refute her?

I am most curious to know some racial race statistics of rape for Durham over the past five years. What fraction of white accusers finger black men? What fraction of black accusers finger white men? And what's the per capita insidence of rape reports for "black" versus "white" women? What if statistics show tht black women in Durham suffer a higher rate of rape than white women, and that the preponderance of their reported alleged attackers are "black"? Does the author of this article know or care about the answers to these questions?

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