Stripper 2's Credability Smashed

Stripper 2 initially said that she doubted the accuser's allegation of rape. Now she says that she believes the accuser. Why did she change her mind? Now we learn that 8 days after the incident, she was arrested for violating a probation aggreement associated with her arrest on a probation violation "from a 2001 conviction for embezzling $25,000 from a photofinishing company in Durham where she was a payroll specialist."

She also admits that the strippers and the honkies had a dispute over the upfront $800 cash payment, when the strippers stopped dancing in response to the broom stick comment after dancing for four minutes. “They ripped themselves off when they started hollering about a broomstick," she said. The accuser left her money in the house and she wanted it back; the guys wanted a refund and wouldn't let her back in. That's the only dispute, I believe, not a rape.


Paul Hue said...


The cab driver who ferried out one of the arrested guys later drove to the house on another call, and fetched four of the guys. He reports seeing the accuser walking from the house to Stripper 2's car, and she seemed angry and was arguing with the guys. The guys who got into the cab said something about, "She's going to call the police. She's just a stripper."

Did the cabbie hear any racial insults?

We have two explanations: The guys were all leaving and worried about the strippers calling the police because:

1. Three of them raped the accuser. However, two days later, when police searched the house for the first time, nobody in the house had bothered to dispose of any evidence, such as the accuser's purse, fake nails, and many photos. If the guys feared a rape allegation and this caused them to evacuate the house -- AND CAREFULLY DISPOSE OF ALL EVIDENCE OF ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION!, which they did -- why not also destroy evidence that the strippers had been there?


2. The guys were in a financial dispute with the strippers, and didn't want to let the accuser back into the house to retrieve her belongings because she had slapped one of them, they wanted to keep the $400 that they paid her for 4 minutes of dancing, and the guys feared that she had taken drugs in the bathroom and thus was even more prone to meyhem. The girls threatened to call the police, and the guys were scared because there was underage drinking and they were already under scrutiny for previous similar situations. The guys also feared a possible visit from a pimp. Since this crime wasn't very serious, they figured that as long as they weren't

Which explanation is more likely?

Paul Hue said...


The cab driver in his second trip to the house, just before the strippers left, reports the accuser on the lawn with about 20 guys, exchanging angry words, appearing to be unharmed, and recounts no racial slurs. Four of the guys entered his cab, apparantly upset about the verbal bout with the stripper, with one of the guys stating, "She's just a stripper."

Paul Hue said...


The one accused guy was at the party for 15 minutes after the accuser ended the strip show by slapping one of the guys. During that 15 minutes, his cell phone engaged in 6 calls, presumably involving him, witnesses will say. Is it conceivable that in 15 minutes the following could happen:

- The accuser and Stripper 2 leave the house, enter Stripper 2's car, and the accuser gets coaxed back inside (this is her story; they guys say that both strippers locked themselves in the bathroom for about 15 minutes and that the accuser never regained entrance once she left).

- A brutal gang rape befalls the accuser, involving all three of the accused for its entire duration.

- One of the arrested guys makes 6 cell phone calls, and converses during them (remember, the accuser doesn't say that one of the attackers left the bathroom).

- The accuser appears outside in a photo, with all her attire in tact (except for a shoe that she lost prior to her attack).

Now consider that:

- The Muslim immigrant cab driver sees the accuser just before she leaves in Stripper 2's car, but notices nothing to indicate a violent attack;

- Stripper 2, a black woman, sees nothing about the accuser to indicate a violent attack. When Stripper 2 makes the famous fake first 911 call, she even states that the guys "did not harm" her or her "black girlfriend".

- The black female grocery store security guard interacts with the accuser in Stripper 2's car, and notices no indication of an attack.

- The black cop who initiated an arrest on the accuser for public intoxication and was struggled to extract the accuser from Stripper 2's car noticed nothing to indicate a violent attack... even though he was asked about this!

- Two other cops (we don't know their "races") also answering the call from the security guard noticed nothing to indicate a violent attack.

- But some time later the accuser arrives with her boyfriend at the hospital. We don't know what king of injuries noticed then by the examiners, other than vaginal and rectal trauma. But we do know that those areas contained no evidence of foriegn human DNA, condom usage, or sexual lubracants. And we know that the accuser's father reports seeing that her face looked like she got beaten.

Q: Is it possible that the "boyfriend" might have beaten her for not having the "escort" money?

Q: Is it possible that the "vaginal and rectal trauma" was inflicted with an unlubricated sex impliment, such as might be possessed by a professional "escort" and "exotic dancer", or rather is "consistent with" such a scenario?

Paul Hue said...


NYT on Stripper 2's flip-flop.

Paul Hue said...


Another article about Stripper 2 first siding with the players about the timeline and her belief in the accuser's story, then changes the story after DA Nifong arrests her on her $25,000 embezzlement probation and responds by modifying the probation terms so that she saves a 15% fee on her bond.

Remember that the accuser made no rape allegations until a cop informed her that he was arresting her for public intoxication and that she would be on a 24-hour drunk tank hold.

This story just gets more outlandish. I wonder if "escort services" have noticed an increase in "customers" demanding: NO BLACK STRIPPERS. Black strippers, who universally prefer white "customers", are probably mad at these two. I'm sure that there are plenty of stories out there about strippers having terrible experiances when they go out on a "call", including rape and other forms of large and small scale humiliation, danger, and degradation (besides the inherent humiliation and degredation to which they agree). Thus girls should take heed: don't be a stripper. And guys: don't hire strippers to come to your home.