Duke Lacrosse Rape Charge: RIP

DNA test shows: no match. When new broke that DNA results were complete -- but not released by any party -- I posted below my prediction that the results would effectively settle the matter. The DA on one side talked big about the results, then the defense attornies responded with equally big talk. I predicted that positive results would surely kill the defense, and that negative results would almost equally kill the DA's case.

With no DNA match, could the girl still be telling the truth? Yes, of course she could. But there's just so many contradictions now that I conclude she and the other girl are lying. The defense had even more to lose by publicly declaring that there would be no match. They created enormous drama for their prediction. The introduced a weeks' worth of supporting facts and logical points, all of which would have been forgotten in the splash of a positive result. This tells me that the attornies have enough evidence to be certain, and the negative result has confirmed their certainty. I predict no charges now, I predict that the police will start pressuring both girls, especially Stripper 2; they now face an angry DA. Politically he might score points with the black electorate for showing that he took the girls seriously, to the point of looking foolish; not sure about this, though.

I predict calls for a law, perhaps giving the false accusers the same sentance that would have gone to people they falsely accuse.

What will all the instant protesters do now? Just yesterday they staged a demonstration outside the lacrosse house; will they now stage protests outside the houses of the two strippers, demanding full disclosure and cooperation? I'm glad that nobody got raped. I'm glad that nobody is going to get convicted unjustly. But what if one of the guys did have consensual sex? What if there were no confirming emails and photos? What if Stripper 2 hadn't made the ludicrous first call? What if she hadn't made mistakes in that first call? What if they had kept their stories straight? What if the guys didn't have money for expensive legal advocates?

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