Stripper at the Hospital

This account about the stripper at the hospital examination portrays her as having bruises and behaving hysterically. Another account claims that her boyfriend brought her for the examination, a few hours after the grocery store parking lot 911 call. That makes the boyfriend a material witness. I am curious to know what he has to say, and what she has to say about him. Was he examined?

What did the accuser say about all of her injuries? Did she claim that they all resulted from the alleged sexual assault?

And where are those photos that the defense attornies have promised? So far, the defense has credability of 100%. If those photos don't materialize, or fail to show what the defense claims, that will drop their credability down below 100%.


Paul Hue said...

"symptoms and injuries consistent with being raped and sexually assaulted" does not mean "consistent *ONLY WITH* rape and sexual assault". Such injuries are also consistent with other possible scenarios, a fact that people concerned about black men being falsely charged with rape should keep in mind.

Neither women nor black people are perfect humans who never commit awful crimes, one of which is falsely accusing people of sexual assault. Nobody has asserted that the boys' denial was automatically valid and bullet proof. Nobody held rallies or waved signs on behalf of the players until the first 911 call became exposed as a fraud and the DNA tests returned negative. But all the rallies and signs supporting the stripper started before any facts existed other than her claims, and confirmation that the house contained her fingernails and purse (with $400 inside!).

Now that reason for skepticism has materialized, even those facts can just as easily support the guys, who had two days to dispose of those articles, but did not. Not only did the guys not dispose of her purse, they didn't even spend her money! The scenerio that best fits with these facts is that she was so drunk or high that she left these items behind, the honkies had nothing to hide, and they are honest enough to save her money for when she returned to collect it. Of course it's possible that rapists could have been too high or drunk to think to dispose of her belongings. But combined with no DNA and the fake 911 call, and assuming that the claimed photos exist as described, I favor a no-rape scenerio.

Paul Hue said...

"The accuser has identified at least one" player; this also does nothing to disprove the possibility that she's lying. If she's lying about a rape, why would she not lie about who supposedly raped her? If she's lying, she wants her story to be believable; "identifying" a culprit helps her lie.

Injuries and identifying a culprit are both "consistent with" a rape; they are also consistent with a false accusation of rape.