Racism Dominating Duke Rape Claim

One righteous race-baiter demanded the arrest of the honkey lacrosse players (all 49?) because a few years ago a black Duke guy got arrested wrongly for rape, than a few days later was released when DNA cleared him. Whould this guy be angry man be any happier if the honkeys got arrested a week ago, and released today with the DNA results, and have them all officially vindicated, as happened to the previously mis-identified student in his story? Would he like the DA to re-arrest that black guy from a few years ago and declare that the positive DNA result is irrellevent?

Another righteous race-baiter charactorized the accuser as his "sister", but did not identify the accused as his "brothers". Why? Becuase he is and the accuser are black, and the accused are white. That makes this person a racist; only black people can be his siblings. What if this guy got incorrectly accused of rape. Does he want the DA to publically declare his accuser is correct before the investigation is complete? Does he want the DA to ignore a negative DNA result?

Question: When the cops showed up at the grocery store where Stripper 2 had the accuser, prior to the accuser making the rape charge, did they threaten her with arrest for public intoxication?

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