Stripper Cried Rape to Avoid Arrest?

This account claims that the second 911 call in the grocery store parking lot resulted in the accuser getting arrested for public intoxication, and that *THEN* she made the rape claim, to shift herself from being arrested to being a victim. Then was the decision to fake a rape an improvization by the accuser acting alone?

If so, why did Stripper 2 make the fake call, and lie to the police about finding the accuser walking the street, if not in support of a mutual plan to make second rape call? If the accuser only agreed to go along with Stripper 2's proposal to fake a rape after she herself got arrested for public drunkenness, why didn't Stripper 2 support the story by telling the police that the accuser said she'd been raped?

Why were the girls in the lot loitering? Were they arguing about Stripper 2's plan to fake a rape? Were the inflicting fake rape wounds? What about their behavior caused the security guard to call the police? We've all been parked drunk in parking lots after hours and been shooed away without incident.

Did the police see evidence of facial and neck bruising?

This account also has one of the defense attornies conceding that one of the crackers is going to get charged. But where are those photos? If they contain what the defense claims, why not use them now? Does the DA have them? Has he demanded them? This is causing my support for the team to drop a few points, from 92% to 87%.

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Paul Hue said...

I heard a recording last night of the cop called to the parking lot. In addtion to assessing the accuser as "not in distress" and "passed out drunk", he ordered for her what appeared to be a 24-hour term in a holding take. I assume this means he was going to arrest her and charge her with public intoxication. But WHY? If I'm drunk in a parking lot in the car with a companion, why would a security guard call police? Why would a cop arrest me?