John Stossel: Scaring for money

"Next time you hear dire "scientific" warnings -- and demands to surrender more control over your life to the government in order to avert disaster -- remember the crack babies. The only disaster coming may be an activist-induced panic.

Think about that when you hear dire predictions about global warming or avian flu. "

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Paul Hue said...

Where did you guys first here that "bird flu" would amount to nothing; I believe y'all have to credit me with that. Six, if you think the crack baby myth is bad, investigate the AIDS myth. Have you noticed that this epidemic has never materialized? If you think that scientists get excoriated for concluding that crack babies don't have any special problems, wait'll you discover what happens to scientists who conclude that AIDS isn't contagious, and that "HIV" doesn't cause it.

Infectious AIDS is a belief that liberals, conservatives, and scientists all have vested interests in believing. Conservatives get to say that promiscuous sex causes death. Liberals get to say that the diseases of gay men apply to "everyone" and that "everyone" needs huge government programs to save them, and scientists get a great, urgent need for huge sums of annual cash. Pharma companies love this too, as they get to claim that drugs will solve the problem. What's in it for anybody to point out that the only people who ever get "AIDS" are hard-core drug users (in the US) or victims of abject poverty (in poor countries)? Drug users like this model, because drugs aren't causing their diseases, a mysterious super virus is.