Lacrosse Defense Slipping

After hitting home runs every day for a week, yesterday marked the first chance that the defense could respond to the nitwit DA's insistance that that a rape occured despite negative DNA tests (a competent DA would simply have said that the investigation is not complete) and the rabid race-baiters at NC Central. Did the defense respond by producing those photos that they promised? That would have been a home run, and could have made it even harder for the DA to press on. But no photos appeared. Instead we learn that when the accuser went for her exam, she didn't mention who assaulted her. Other reports reveal that she never mentioned a sexual assault to Sripper 2. This is lame; If I got raped, I am not at all certain that I'd tell my companion that it happened, or would say who did it when I went for my exam.

WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS? The defense has promised photos similar to how the DA promised a DNA match. If there were no photos, the facts so far would still favor the defense, and surely we cannot require supporting photos if women fake a rape. But the defense promised photos, and if it doesn't produce them, that undermines its credability, and we have to wonder about its other claims, such as matching the first 911 caller to Stripper 2.

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