Vouchers gain traction among Black voters

"Some parents and educators see them as a backhanded attempt to divert resources to private institutions. Others, especially the poor, seem more willing to accept them as an opportunity to escape dysfunctional schools. Many in Newark now seem open to giving vouchers a shot. Rosa R. Langston, 82, the director of the Office of Children in the city's Department of Health, for example, said that she had been skeptical of vouchers until her granddaughter received a scholarship to a private school, and went on to the University of Pennsylvania. If vouchers save our children, for God's sake give it to them. I'm tired of our children failing."

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Paul Hue said...

Why not give vouchers a chance? Nothing could hardly provide a worse record than the current system. Even my die-hard leftist mother, after watching an Oprah show on education the other day, is now open to giving vouchers a chance.