Big Pharma Creating Diseases

Here's evil Big Pharma creating disesases to go along with the drugs that they've produced, manufacturing concerns, and tricking people into purchasing these drugs to fight everything from high cholesterol to "restless leg syndrome".

That's one way to look at this. But not my way: I see this as "Ignorant, rediculous public demands more diseases and drugs from Big Pharm. The same public that demands new menu options from Olive Garden and another Will Smith movie also want to new drugs to solve their health problems." I think that drugs cause disease, and do not -- and cannot -- heal disease. I don't take drugs. I address my health via the foods that I eat, and don't eat, excersize, mental stimulation, etc. There's a growing number of people like me. We are immune to the diseases created at customer request by Big Pharma.

I've worked with about 100 people interested in resolving health problems. I'm convinced that most people like having an ailment, and they like having a drug to take for it. Those who don't actually "like" having the disease and the drug, they at least like them more than they like the alternative: excersizing and eating only healthful foods. They have made their choice, and they are getting what they want. Sadly, medical insurance -- especially that subsidized by the govt -- encourages this. If I have medical insurance, I can afford to enjoy even more diseases and their big pharma treatments!

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