Lacrosse Supporters Appear... after FACTS

For the first time ever, supporters of the Lacrosse players have appeared. Unlike the stripper supporters, these people have come forward only after facts have emerged. Perhaps some of these lacrosse supporters silently supported the players all along, and just waited for an excuse to come forward. But all supporters quoted so far either withheld judgement until facts emerged, or they were Duke students who unjustifiably condemned the players immediately, but changed their minds in the face of facts. (You will recall that I initially leaned to the strippers, then leaned hard to them when the first 911 call appeared, then leaned back to neutrality after discrepancies in that call surfaced.)

Duke students of various "races" -- including "black" -- have now stepped forward behind the players, including some who admit that they were wrong, and now "embarrassed", for initially condemning them. The press accounts include no NC Central students who support the players. NCCU students are not only disgracing themselves by this needlessly racist conduct, they are putting the strippers in a terrible position, making it harder now for them to come clean, and erecting demands that could harm black men in the future who could get wrongly accused.

I am very curious to see this week what happens to the Duke demonstrations. Will there be more? Will any of the previous leaders reverse their positions? How will the black Duke students react to the increased NCCU demonstrations? I predict an intra-racial break in this matter, with some black Duke students making a point of defending the players, and the devoted radical black Duke leftists and NCCU students accusing them of "selling out." Duke is about 10% black, which is a remarkable figure for an elite school in a nation that's about 10% black. There's plenty of black students at Duke who feel no racism; some have said so already. The black lacrosse player's dad has now come out for the players. I am most curious about the player himself.

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