Thank you, Sister Cynthia

By Mary Grabar, teacher at Clayton State University located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Paul Hue said...

What a brilliant and biting satire. Genius. If only the author could take one of those racial DNA tests and find that the is 10% "West African."

She's the first person besides me whos expressed skepticism at the American practice of making sure to correctly pronounce spanish names, but not names from other language. I wonder if in Mexico the newscasters slow down and properly pronounce non-spanish names of Americans. Actually, I don't wonder. I know that they don't, and I don't care; nobody should care about such foolishness.

When I meet and befriend people from other countries, I welcome them to pronounce my name however they like. When I visited Colombia for two years, I introduced myself as Pablo, and even pronounced the "b" as a "v". Hey, I was in their country. Why insist that they all bend to my pronounciation? Why make everything so difficult?