Evidence Can't Sway Racists, Leftists

Within days of the Duke Lacrosse stripper filing her complaint, thousands of people in the area declared her accusation to be 100% accurate, and demanded action against the accused. They staged protests first at Duke, then at the nearby black school that the accuser attends. The protesters insisted, essentially, that the behavior described by the accuser was consistent with their own socio-economic-racial stereotype of the accused. These people obtained the names of the accused, broadcast their names, and publicized their criminal histories, which were pretty tame. Prior to completion of an investigation, the DA declared that the accusation was accurate, this before DNA evidence returned -- evidence that he originally predicted would be definative.

Then facts started emerging that undermined the accuser, including negative DNA evidence. None of this, though, can persuade most of those who made up their minds prior to these facts. Consider this preposterous statement, a classic straw man complaint:

"The press has disrespected this young lady," he said. "You have minimalized (her) to a stripper and an exotic dancer. You don't identify her as a mother. You don't identify her as a student. You don't identify her as a woman."

This ignoramous cannot possibly cite a single press account since this became national news that fails to describe the accuser as a mother, student, and woman. Any person angry with all the press vilifying the accuser's criminal background, and her conduct on the night in question, should get angry at all rigteous protesters who villified the accused prior to the investigation's completion. Namely, they should be angry at the DA for bringing the investigation to the public, for insisting that the accused had committed crimes, and for releasing one of the guy's emails and other facts as they emerged. If any of these angry people ever get wrongly accused of a crime -- something that they insist happens all the time to black men -- they should hope that they can afford attornies who would respond just as these have. The racism of these angry people is obvious from their lack of outrage over the public scathing that Kobe Bryant's white accuser got.

It is clear now to me that the accuser is lying, and that Stripper 2 is probably the instigator. The DA is vacuous bafoon, and the protesters are ignoramouses; some now admit to being embarrassed and judging too soon. Maybe they have learned something important. Obviously some have not. However long the DA drags this on, the more the strippers and their empty-headed supporters will be exposed. People who care about real rape and real racism should be outraged; I am.


Paul Hue said...

The racist students at NCCU just won't let this go. None of the pre-DNA facts cast any doubt for them; these students were just as certain that DNA would confirm the allegation as they were prior to learning that Stripper 2 faked the first call, the DA backing down, etc.:


One guy insists that the "racist system" faked the results to protect white guys against a black accuser; never mind the white DA's conduct, the harsh penalties quickly meted out by Duke's honkey administratin, the mostly white protestors who have harrangued the accused and defended the accuser, or the complete lack of any popular support for the team PRIOR TO THE NEW FACTS EMERGING; even now support for the team is tiny compared to the WHITE liberals on campus who continue their initial, instantaneous conclusion.

This moron further insists that if the accused were black and the accuser white, they would have been arrested already and DNA evidence wouldn't matter (or wouldn't have been faked by unseen racist hands). Might intelligent, open-minded people instead wonder what THIS GUY's behavior would be under his fantasy scenerio? Would *HE* be vigorously defending a white stripper against accused black athletes? Was that his reaction to the Kobe situation? I'd really like for police to burst into *his* room, confiscate *his* computer, scrunize his email, and broadcast objectionable examples to the media.

I posted the other day an example where a white stripper accused some black college basketball players of rape. A secret cell phone video rescued them, as you recall. Are black college basketball players any more credible -- or more deserving of consideration -- than white lacrosse players? Are black strippers any more virtuous and less likely to lie than a white stripper?

Paul Hue said...

Look at these idiots, on the front porch of the house where the allegation occured. The front porch! If enough data can even convince these idiots that they were wrong, will they take over the front porch of the lying stripper, and issue an angry protest?


This article includes all sorts of insistance of "white priviledge" pertaining to prior conduct of the accused; "prior conduct" of the accuser, of course, is off limits. These claims involve the players "acting like they own the town" and "the law doesn't apply to them." Is this any different than the black players on any successful sports team?

These people are ignorant clowns. If they had held their judgement -- LIKE I DID -- and evidence mounted in favor of the accuser, now would be a good time to stage protests like this. Are these the same people who cheered when OJ got released? Was the evidence against him any less solid than against these lacrosse players?

Paul Hue said...

Here's another attorny damning the case, and in particular the DA for introducing into the case evidence that will harm himself ("he should have said nothing but, we'll wait for the evidence"). The racists who are shrieking "racism" are too obsessed with their instantaneous conclusions to have noticed that the white folks in the town and at the school initially believed the lying strippers themselves.


What happens when sometime in the future when some white guys really do rape a black stripper?

Paul Hue said...

The pro-stripper shriekers are sure using the word "boy" a lot to describe the accused honkies. For that matter, even supporters of the honkies are using the word "boy". Imagine if the accused were black. In addition to all the pro-stripper shriekers now shrieking on behalf of the accused, they would not use the word "boy" and would claim that such use was racist.

Paul Hue said...

The shrieking and indignant protesters at NC Central are even more indignant now with increased evidence than before there were any facts. This will make it even harder for the strippers to admit that they lied. But at least some of the initial shrieking protesters at Duke have learned a lesson about waiting for facts before shrieking and protesting.

Paul Hue said...

A possible out for the accuser: She leaves town, claiming that the publicity is too much for her. This enables the DA to drop the case, and the NC Central students to continue shreiking forever. It looks like many of the Duke shriekers are backing down. I am very curious if any more protests at Duke occur. Tonight on the cable news shows, the father of the black player backed the players, as did two black Duke students.

Idiocy is ruling: The accuser "identifying an assailant" and the medical examination being "consistent with a rape" do not neccessarily mean that a rape occurred. A girl lying about a rape can lie about identiffying a culprit. Such a person can also either lie about the cause of medical evidence, or can inflict it on herself.