What do do with all the Ex-cons?

We clearly have too many criminal laws, too many reasons to lock people in prisons and give them criminal records. We have made too many normal human actions illegal, such as taking drugs and driving non-dangerously while having an arbitrary blood-alchohol level. Once somebody gets a record, he or she has a harder time living a productive life. How would Bush I be employed today if he had a DWI? What if he wasn't naturally wealthy? What about him and Clinton's cocaine usage? What if they had gotten caught?

Of course there are people out there harming others, and doing so repeatedly. Let's focus on them. And let's figure out a way to identify offenders who have righted themselves, and remove obsticles to their attempts at productivity and self-sufficiency. Is there a difference between a drunk person weaving the wrong way up an expressway entrance, and somebody whose had five beers who gets pulled over for 60 in a 45? Not according to our laws. And both now have to support their families on a revoked license, among other problems, such as disqualification for certain jobs.

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