Racist Excuses for Stripper Unending

Here's a UNC Central student who apparently and effectively believes that the stripper's allegation is a gold standard against which all testing can be judged; if she says that she got raped, and the DNA tests return negative, then the tests therefore are inaccurate. I presume that this golden assumption for accusers he applies only to blacks accusing whites. He claims that the test results took "suspiciously long" to complete, exposing his ignorance of how long such tests normally take, which is about two months. Only in the special case of the DA requesting speed did they return in about a week. This has angered defendants and accusers in other cases who have been waiting months already for their own results. What if the second round of results returns positive? This idiot will now have to reject those restuls as taking even longer! The even dumber DA now has a stake in these results, which is unconcionable; he now has motive to have the results faked to fit his declaration that a crime was committed!

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Paul Hue said...

If the DA has pressed this case to get black votes, he may have miscalculated. Black racists -- like any racist -- are illogical, and unplacatable. Anything he does will provide an excuse to shriek "RACISM!". Could these people be any angrier and outraged? Surely the DA expected his conduct to receive praise from the loudest black voices; that these voices have instead reacted with un-topable vitriol must perplex him. In this article we learn that one of the criticims from this quarter faults the examination of the accuser for having occured at Duke's hospital, which represents "a conflict of interest" and poses possibility for "tampering with the evidence."


Yet, the employees of that facility confirmed the accuser's story. And Duke's administrators and students were quick to act harshly on the accused.