Immigration post on Gristmill

Above find my contribution to the immigration debate.


Paul Hue said...

"NAFTA stipulates that capital and goods must flow freely across the U.S.-Mexico border"

I don't understand how NAFTA accomidates Mexico's socialized petro industry and laws forbidding foriegners from purchasing real estate.

Paul Hue said...

Tom, please justify calling illegal immigrants, "a large disenfranchised army of undocumented workers". If you sneak into Canada, are you "disenfranchised" because the govt there won't let you vote until you meet its requirements to obtain citizenship? Your description is particularly absurd given the successful efforts of democrats and leftists to permit people with no IDs to vote, and to spend tax dollars printing ballots in spanish.

When you legally lived and worked in Mexico City for a few years, were you "enfranchised"? Could you have voted without an ID? Would you have been able to obtain a ballot in english?