Paleness as Pathology: The Future of Racism and Anti-Racism in America by Tim Wise

Whatever moral conscience white America as a collective entity may or may not possess, it has not traditionally been that, but rather self-interest that has finally made whites, at least some of us, wake up to the need for a different direction.

This Week's Racist Hate Crime Story

Prosecutors say they won't seek hate-crime charges against two white teens accused of brutally beating and sodomizing a 16-year-old Hispanic boy, who was clinging to life after being left for dead.

The two attacked the boy after he tried to kiss a 12-year-old girl at an unsupervised house party Saturday night in suburban Spring, authorities said.

The attackers, both of whom have juvenile criminal records, apparently were offended at the age difference between the victim and the girl, who is also Hispanic, and shouted racial slurs at him during the 10- to 15-minute attack, investigators said.

Authorities said the two dragged the boy from the party and into the yard, where they sodomized him with a plastic pipe from a patio table umbrella.

If you're offended by the age difference, you don't shout racial slurs. You shout "you're too old to be with that girl" or "you dirty MF". You also don't sodomize a kid because he is too old. The prosecutors are in error here.

And what's up with all this latent homosexuality? Sodomizing another dude? That's some straight Brokeback $h!t.


Mission Accomplished, May 1, Three Years On

May 1 marks three years since George W. Bush staged his "Mission Accomplished" aircraft landing in San Diego Harbor and "delivered good news to the men and women who fought in the cause of freedom: their mission is complete and major combat operations in Iraq have ended."

As of April 27, at 3:15 p.m. EST - 2,393 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq according to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count.

The count of US wounded is around seven times that number, and Iraqi civilian deaths are officially between 34,000 and 39,000, and actually between 200,000 and 300,000.

Taking the President to Court by Congressman John Conyers

As some of you may be aware, according to the President and Congressional Republicans, a bill does not have to pass both the Senate and the House to become a law. Forget your sixth grade civics lesson, forget the book they give you when you visit Congress - "How Our Laws Are Made," and forget Schoolhouse Rock. These are checks and balances, Republican-style.

As the Washington Post reported last month, as the Republican budget bill struggled to make its way through Congress at the end of last year and beginning of this year (the bill cuts critical programs such as student loans and Medicaid funding), the House and Senate passed different versions of it. House Republicans did not want to make Republicans in marginal districts vote on the bill again, so they simply certified that the Senate bill was the same as the House bill and sent it to the President. The President, despite warnings that the bill did not represent the consensus of the House and Senate, simply shrugged and signed the bill anyway. Now, the Administration is implementing it as though it was the law of the land.

You strict interpretation right-wingers should be completely pissed off by this, and you should be calling for Bush's impeachment if not his head. Where is the outrage?

Thomas Sowell: Oily politicians: Part II

"Nothing is easier than to blame high prices on whoever charges those high prices, regardless of what the underlying cause is. It doesn't matter whether you are talking about Big Oil or little stores in poor, high-crime neighborhoods that charge higher prices growing out of the economic consequences of poverty and crime.

In these and other cases, the economics behind the high prices is of far less interest politically than denouncing the sellers for "greed," "exploitation," "gouging" and the whole political vocabulary of undefined rhetoric and unsubstantiated notions.Much is made of the fact that gasoline prices go up before the higher priced oil is turned into gasoline. What something cost is history, what it is worth now is economics."

"Prices need to ration all oil according to existing supply and demand. At the same time, prices need to provide incentives to produce more oil or less oil, according to the same supply and demand conditions.

"Windfall" profits and windfall losses are all part of the same adjustment process. If politicians seize the windfall profits and leave windfall losses alone, what that means over a cycle of years is that the average rate of return on oil production falls below what is needed to attract the investments that greater oil exploration and production require."

Raped By Three Men... Twice?

This keeps getting better. Ten years ago the accuser filed a report charging three men with gang raping her. Those guys never got charged.


Thomas Sowell: Oily politicians

"Ironically, the people who are making the most noise about the high price of gasoline are the very people who have for years blocked every attempt to increase our own oil supply. They have opposed drilling for oil off the Atlantic coast, off the Pacific coast, or in Alaska. They have prevented the building of any new oil refineries anywhere for decades.

They have fought against the building of hydroelectric dams or nuclear power plants to generate electricity without the use of oil. They love to talk about their own pet "alternative energy sources," without the slightest attention to what these would cost in terms of money, jobs, or our national standard of living.

Even when one of their pet "alternative energy sources" -- windmills -- is proposed to be built near them, suddenly it is not right to spoil their view.

Politicians have indulged these spoiled brats for generations. Now, when the chickens come home to roost, they are screaming about high prices and Big Oil. That is world class chutzpa."

Scrutiny for Kobe's Accuser, Where Is It Now?

The feminists who automatically 100% accept the Duke rape accuser have been consistent; they applied the same non-scrutiny to Kobe's accuser. But the racists who automatically 100% accept the Duke rape accuser did not apply this uncritical acceptance to Kobe's accuser. I suppose they're consistent also: they automatically support black people, whether getting accused of rape by a honkey, or charging a honkey with rape.

This article, by a woman, asserts that lying about rape *and* spousal abuse are significan phenomena. This article addresses the oft-made claim that only 2% of rape claims are false. The author says that this claim is backed by no published study, only an uncited, undocumented, and undescribed FBI statistic.

Rape Accusations - 41% False?

Here a Purdue professor of Sociology and Anthropology examines rape allegations and the fraction of them that are eventually declared false. How many of us who assume that such charges are "rarely" false have ever read any critical discussion on this topic? Tom, you believe that this is a rare phenomenon. Please explain how you reached that conclusion.

Protect IDs of Rape Accused

This essay advocates identification protection for people accused of rape. The writer doesn't notice that protecting the accuser's ID adds an incentive to making a false charge, as does the non-sheilding of the accused's ID. Though most of us uncritically believe that false rape charges are rare and far less than other crimes, I wonder if the opposite might be true. Unlike any other allegation that you could make, a rape charge requires the least evidence and is the most heavily dependant on the accuser's interpretation and description of an interval of time. Also, the charge itself is the most embarrassing. If you wanted to harm somebody, or gain sympathy, what is the best fake charge to file?

No Protest Against "Hispanic" USC Quarterback Rape

A quaterback at USC with a Spanish sirname just got arrested for rape. Where are all the protests demanding justice? Or was the accuser white (and without a Spanish sirname)?


White Republicans Slash Black Voter Van Tires

Nadir: I'm sure that this'll outrage you. Five guys -- children of office-holders -- on election eve slashed the tires of 25 vans used to ferry opposing partisans to the polls. I wasn't reading especially carefully, so I might have mixed up the "races" and party affilliations of the principles. Perhaps if this story had generated massive press coverage, I would have encountered it enough to get the facts straight. With racist honkies "disenfranchising" black victims, you'd think that Jesse, Al, et al. would have made a huge media extravaganza with this. Why didn't they?

Pack of Whites Terrorize Town, Beating Black Men

Oops, I got the "races" mixed up. It was a pack of black guys stomping through town beating white men.

Protest over Black Men Accused of Rape

A few years ago an incoming Duke basketball freshman got accused of rape in another city. No daily protests erupted demanding his arrest and proclaiming the 100% certainty of his accuser's claim. As it happened, he didn't get arrested.

Cuba "militant" applies for U.S. citizenship

Note that when a terrorist is funded, trained, aided, abetted and protected by the US government, the AP refers to him as a "militant" and not a "terrorist".

It is obvious that the Bush regime is a supporter of terrorism and torture throughout the world, and the so-called "War on Terror" is a sham. The entire cabal should be impeached, indicted and convicted on multiple counts of war crimes, violations of constitutional and international law and crimes against humanity.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention the broomstick

According to cable news shows, the accuser just remembered how she had "injuries consistent with rape" (but not *only* with rape, the reports continue to forget mentioning) but no biochemical evidence of sex: her attackers only a broomstick, not their anatomical members. Remember that first the DA insisted that the testing would reveal biological indicators identifying the three attackers, indicating his absolute confidence in condom-free rape. When the test results showed no DNA, the idiotic DA started pointing to condum usage, apparently unaware that the tests included negative findings for latex, lubricants, and other evidence of condom usage, leading to a gernal finding of "no biological evidence of sexual intercourse" with anyone.

The new broomstick allegation will fall flat for the reasons above, plus the DA's failure to include such a claim in his formal charges, all of which prove that this is a new "memory" concockted by the accuser to try to fill the emerging holes in her story.

And, as we skeptics have expected, the accuser's friends and family are sending indicators that she's considering backing down, which is probably her best choice. Even the DA has finally broken his recent silence to say that if the accuser backs down, he'll have to drop the case, and not excersize his option to force her to testify; her backing down is the best out for him, too.

I'm now confident that the date rape drug test will return negative.


Govt: Please Stop "Doing Something"

How much of the recent petro price hike results from govt officials trying to "do something" about petro prices? Some will say that the Iraq war qualifies as the govt "doing something", which has backfired, and maybe so. Though does this mean that Nigeria just needs a Saddam Huissein? And what does this say of those who would prefer a despotic Iraq with a stable oil flow, to an Iraq in which self-rule and self-determination are possible? Surely the most stable petro prices will flow from free-market democracies, though not everyone is willing to pay the enormous "cost of freedom."

Anyway, consider the corn-oil addative congressional mandate, and its role in raising petro prices.

Duke Accuser - The Sight of Crackers Makes Me Scream

OK, now the accuser is so traumatized by her ordeal that the sight of "white men in the street" causes her to scream uncontrollably. Imagine if a white woman accusing black men of rape asserted such a claim... or if the lacrosse players -- who declare that they are victims of a false charge by a black woman playing the race card -- claimed that as a result of *that* trauma the "sight of black women in the street" causes *them* to scream uncontrollably. We'll see when the drug test returns.

If the stripper is lying, how can she back down now? Her only out: She can't take the pressure.

Meanwhile, evidence mounts that the lacrosse players had plenty of non-rape reasons to hide their names and flee the house: like the strippers, many of them had unresolved criminal deals, which are now being revoked and imposed. What a mess.

Unbelievable: Iraq War = $1 Trillion

There are many uncertainties about the progress made by coalition forces and the future prospects for stability and democracy in Iraq, but there is at least one indisputable fact: The Bush administration vastly underestimated the costs of the Iraq war. Not only in human lives, but in monetary terms as well, the costs of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq far exceed the administration’s initial projection of a $50 billion tab. While the number of American casualties in Iraq has declined this year, the amount of money spent to fight the war and rebuild the country has spiralled upward.

Personalities, politics and bombs

The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now, possibly, Iran are not the result of personality quirks. They are part of a decades-long drive by right-wing forces within the U.S. to overturn what they call the Vietnam Syndrome.

They believe the U.S. lost Viet Nam because unreasonable, liberal and weak-kneed politicians refused to let the military do its job. In the context of overcoming this Syndrome, the nuclear option against Iran makes perfect sense.


Duke Rape via Date Rape Drug?

If anybody slipped the accuser a date rape drug, or assisted or covered such an action, I hope each such person goes to prison, even if no rape occured. Stealing somebody's consciousness is a horrible crime. There are some facts to consider when assessing the plausability of this allegation:

- Some people use these drugs by choice, as they enjoy the effect. Thus evidence of date rape drug in somebody's system is not evidence that the ingestion resulted from a "mickey." However, the population of people who consume these drugs recreationally comprises the "rave" scene, which is nearly all white, and the few blacks who participate tend to be white-oriented blacks. Thus, from what I understand about the accuser, if lab tests reveal that she has one of these drugs, I will assume that the guys drugged her, and I will withdraw my support from them. However, it may be non-automatic to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that any body drugged the accuser, or that any particular lacrosse player did.

- These drugs are known as "forget" drugs, and amnesia is one of their halmark effects, both by people who enjoy them by choice, and people who use them to facilitate rape. In my survey of these drugs, it appears implausable that somebody under their influence could remember a rape clearly enough to detail it, fight back, argue with people over money afterwards, and then make rape allegations an hour later.

Hitchy on Niger-Plame, Bush's Ranking, Duke Rape

Transcript of radio interview has Hitchy recapitulating his assertion that Wilson was provably incorrect and incompetent in his assessment about Hussien's possible attempt to purchase yellow cake from Nigeria. Asked about the Duke rape circus, Hitchy refers the interviewer to seek the opinion of Reformed Leftist hero Shelby Steele, revealing that Hitchy has thought about race in America in (using his phrase here) "grown up" terms. Hitchy also addresses the new Rolling Stone declaration that Bush II qualifies as the worst president ever.

Why Would Accuser in Duke Rape Case Lie?

While black opinion seems to be nearly as high in support of the accuser as it was prior to any facts emerging other than the accusation and the first 911 call, the opinion of whites changed with the emergence of facts, from lots of support for the accuser and none for the accused, to lots of support for the accused, but a significant fraction still supporting the accuser. Here's a pretty typical op-ed in support of the accuser, written by a white liberal Fox News commentator and "rape victim advocate". Like the accuser's other supporters, this writer believed the accusation 100% as soon as it materialized, and all subsequent facts serve only to provide an excercise in contriving an explanation that fits the original, pre-data conclusion.

The title of her article, "Why would the accuser lie", assumes that rape accusations are never false. The writer does not include statistics or famous examples of fake accusations, and she considers in every accusation only the impact on the authentic accuser, but never the occassional false accused. For example, for the same reasons that courts and news organs protect the names of rape accusers, why not afford the same to the un-convicted rape accused?

Why would the accuser lie? What a stupid question. Why has she -- and all of us, including the lacrosse players -- made previous bad choices? Why did she cheat on her first husband, producing a child by another man? Why did she steal that car from her lapdance customer? Why did she respond to an intervening cop by fleeing? Why did she respond to the rude comment by violating the law and slapping the guy who made the comments? Why not, given her previous choices and soberiety status, cry fake-rape when informed by a cop that she was under arrest and would spend 24 hours in a jail cell? Why did Stripper 2 steal $25K from her employer? Why did Stripper 2 violate her probation? Why would the lacrosse players jeopordize their status by violating various rules (and previous warnings), such as underage drinking and loud partying? Why did the gay-bashing kid violate his probation by under-age drinking?

Besides not asking these questions, this writer imagines only one sort of answer to other questions, answers that indicate a rape.

Why did the guys lie to the strippers about their names and which team they played for? The writer imagines only that they they would do this in plotting a rape, and covering it up. And that is a logical explanation. But are there other reasons do behave this way? Even if they intended not to rape a stripper, and even if they didn't rape the accuser, did they have reasons to shield their identities? Yes: they were violating a law (underage drinking, and providing alcohol to minors) and school and team rules, after having been placed on observation. Also, just as the strippers are ashamed to be strippers, the guys are ashamed to hire strippers.

Why would they express worry about the threat by Stripper 2 to call the cops? Why would they respond to this assertion by fleeing? Again, rape provides an answer. But so does the forgoing explaination: protecting themselves from arrest, expulsion, and team suspension for the non-rape crimes they had committed.

Why would the accuser leave behind her makeup case (containing her ID), cell phone, cash, shoe, and fake nails? Rape, of course would explain why she would flee without her personal property. But so would insobriety, combined with the refusal of the guys to let this woman -- who had slapped one of them, and refused to refund them in a financial dispute -- back into their home.

Here's another question the writer didn't ask: If they guys were trying to hide a rape, why didn't they discard any of the accuser's personal effects dispite having at least 2 full days to do so prior to cops searching their house, and dispite their having taken the time to hide all evidence of drinking?

People like this writer, who care passionately about rape victims, or about racism, harm their cause by blindly supporting all rape and racism allegations.


Katrina Refugees "Movin' On Up"

I forget if the critics cite racism or Bush incompetence for the Katrina catastrophe. The racism aspect of the criticism has many facts that falsify it, including the massive damage sustained by white residents and white-owned businesses. Maybe the racists are incompetent? Ignoring NO's levee needs and responding slowly (ie, at the same pace as all previous FEMA responses) in order to harm blacks, at the cost of causing even greater property damage to whites? Worse (from a white-racist perspective), the resulting exedus has sent blacks into white areas, and generally areas with better opportunities, incomes, and school systems than that of their NO homes. In this NYT article, we learn that the average NO refugee has found refuge in areas with twice the income level and half the poverty level of their home neighborhoods. Few of these refugees plan to return. Where is the racism? Wouldn't racists want the pre-Katrina blacks to remain confined to a disfunctional, impoverished nether regions of New Orleans?

Can't Get Enough of Duke Rape Case

This Newsweek wrapup contains some useful new facts and clarifications.
1. Stripper 2 arrived on-time at 11:30 in her own car. The accuser arrived 30 minutes late, dropped off by an unidentified person.
2. When the strippers entered the house, the guys gave them drinks. Stripper 2 says that she drank none of hers, and that the accuser drank half of her own, knocked it over, then drank Stripper 2's.
3. Stripper 2 arrived for her rape exam at 2:30am, so there wasn't much time for somebody else to beat her or help her fake rape injuries.
4. The rape examine included drug testing, but the results haven't returned.
5. After leaving together, Stripper 2 got mad at the accuser, suspecting that the accuser was "trying to rip her off." That's why Stripper 2 tried to get the accuser out of her car.
6. Both strippers are seeking civil damages from the rich honkies.
7. Stripper 2 says she shouted to the boys, "I called the police, assholes!" Presumably, the implication was that she had used her cell phone to do so, then immediately made good on her claim with the fake call from a pay phone.
8. The neighbor who heard the "cotton" racial slur also heard an intense argument over money, and racial slurs from the strippers. But he reports no use of the "n" word, in contradiction to Stripper 2.

But the article omitted some important facts:
1. Despite claiming to have not drunk, the security guard says she smelled alcohol on Stripper 2.
2. The photos show the accuser slapping one of the honkies.


Rethinking Rape Laws

At the very least, if accusers warrent anonymity, so do accused.


We Shall (?) Overcome

Who has overcome? Who is overcoming? Who is trying? Who isn't?

Shocking Truth of Interracial Rape/Violence

My dad, a somewhat famous leftist & historian, once privately told me that "sometime in the 1950s" black-on-white violence surpassed white-on-black violence, including rape. He dared not mention this fact in public, as such a revelation could cause irrational, emotional reactions by immature minds. Today's race-baiters constantly insist that anybody who denies that "racism" is a massive contemporay problem is "in denial" and that until everyone "recognizes the facts" the reality cannot improve. I think they need to take their own advise.

What do do with all the Ex-cons?

We clearly have too many criminal laws, too many reasons to lock people in prisons and give them criminal records. We have made too many normal human actions illegal, such as taking drugs and driving non-dangerously while having an arbitrary blood-alchohol level. Once somebody gets a record, he or she has a harder time living a productive life. How would Bush I be employed today if he had a DWI? What if he wasn't naturally wealthy? What about him and Clinton's cocaine usage? What if they had gotten caught?

Of course there are people out there harming others, and doing so repeatedly. Let's focus on them. And let's figure out a way to identify offenders who have righted themselves, and remove obsticles to their attempts at productivity and self-sufficiency. Is there a difference between a drunk person weaving the wrong way up an expressway entrance, and somebody whose had five beers who gets pulled over for 60 in a 45? Not according to our laws. And both now have to support their families on a revoked license, among other problems, such as disqualification for certain jobs.

Republican Phone-Jamming Scandal

Looks like the Repos -- including Bushies -- jammed democratic phone banks during the 2002 elections. I hope everybody involved goes down. I doubt that this is any worse than what demos do, but as Kate Corleone said, "ALL THIS MUST END."

Las Vegas Gang Swarm Beatings: Racism?

Does the recent spree of "swarm" beatings by a Las Vegas gang constitute a white gang attacking non-white people? Surely not, or that's how the press would describe it, it would receive much more media attention, and a variety of angry and righteous "civil rights advocates" would be loudly defending the victims, demanding summary justice against the accused, and protesting the mere $4,000 bond assigned to the sole arrested person so far.

Instead this spree involves a black-only gang. Can "racism" explain why these people are acting this way? Does this behavior by these people pose as much of a threat to black people as does, say, the Duke lacrosse team? Do these men pose more of a threat to black women in Las Vegas than does the Duke lacrosse team to black women in Duhram?

Chavez's Socialist Miracle in Venezuela

Just in time for a flood of immigrants to the US seeking refuge from Hugo Chavez's popular socialization of Venezuela. Will enough discontented stay to vote-in leaders who understand and tout free-markets / free-people? Socialism sounds very attractive to people who don't understand economics. Laws against "price gouging" is a perfect example. Hungry, ignorant people wielding pitchforks and torches are surely more likely to vote for laws that ban "price gouging", as opposed to patiently and carefully reasoning how $4/gal petro that exists is better than free petro from empty tanks. We'll keep watching Venezuela, and the war that its elected leader, Hugo Chavez, is waging against "rich people." Is it possible to win such a war without causing even more harm to "poor people"? Free marketeers say no.

History of Durham, NC... Facts with Nonsense

This history of Durham, NC begins fascinatingly and credibly. Duke and NCUU have tandum origins, and seed money both from the honkey tobacco planter, Duke, which I already knew. But I didn't know that John Hope Franlin wrote his famous book as a history prof at NCUU, or that Durham had a sizable and organized class of light-skinned blacks descended from honkey fathers who founded a still-extant insurance company. This narrative goes on to hail the gradual, ongoing success of Durham blacks, culminating with black officials assuming leadership of the city's mayoral and police chief offices (though the article omits revealing that most of the city's city council members are also black).

Then the narrative careens off the tract, claiming that, "white people hated Black people as much then as they do now." What? The narrative then proceeds into the current controversy, preposterously describing the rape accuser primarily as "a mother of two", when that fact is not germaine to the story, whereas her status as a stripper is. Among the other presposterous descriptions here, the author sets up and knocks over the following straw man: "Several white women who know and in some instances shared dormitory space with the two thus far accused insist that they would feel safe with these boys under similar circumstances of kidnap and rape. Sure they would!" Convienently the author fails to reveal that at least four non-cracker Duke females -- including one "African-American" -- provided the same enthusiastic public testimony.

Nor does the author recognize that support for the accused didn't start until lots of facts materialized, most notably the negative DNA test restuls, whereas support for the accuser began instantly and has always included a hearty fraction of honkies. In fact, weeks before any NCUU students protested in support of the accuser, it was white-majority (!) Duke students who staged a dozen or so demonstrations supporting the accuser, and excoriating *ALL* of the Duke lacrosse team members -- by name and photo! Presumably this Duke population of accuser-supporters has waned since facts have emerged that cast doubt on the accuser, with plent of Duke students telling news cameras that they regret having initially supported the accuser. But what besides racism explains people like this author fervently supporting the accuser, despite the barage of mounting facts that refute her?

I am most curious to know some racial race statistics of rape for Durham over the past five years. What fraction of white accusers finger black men? What fraction of black accusers finger white men? And what's the per capita insidence of rape reports for "black" versus "white" women? What if statistics show tht black women in Durham suffer a higher rate of rape than white women, and that the preponderance of their reported alleged attackers are "black"? Does the author of this article know or care about the answers to these questions?

New MS Windows Will Suck

I still cannot understand why so many people spend extra money to have better TVs, personal music players, stoves, countertops, houses, cars, shirts, washing machines, etc., but when it comes to computers, they purchase Windows instead of Mac. Check out this review of the long-promised upcoming upgrade to the Windows OS. Nadir, your tag-team buddy on this blog, my brother Tom uses as Mac, as do all of his fellow farm-commune commie cohorts. What the hell is wrong with you?

Racist Feds Ignore Levee Needs of... California?

I thought that the levee mismanagement problem in New Orleans reflected racism on the part of the US Federal Govt, particularly Bush II. (Never mind the devistating financial impact to honkies in the New Orleans area, that's just the price of displacing despised blacks, sending them to other parts of the country!). But now we see that Californians are also blaming a lack of proper levees on their coastline on the Feds. What racist plot explains that? Should residents of Detroit, Chicago's South Side, and DC help fund levees in California?

Petro Price Surge Facts

Sorry for disturbing the hysteria over the recent petro price surge with boring facts. Here we learn that the conversion of petro to include more ethanol (as mandated by the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005) requires costly and time-concuming procedures that have resulted now in shortages and the obligatory ensuing higher prices.

Whould those shortages abate faster if petro outlets could raise their rates even higher? This article doesn't mention "anti-gouging" laws, and the impact that they might have on extending the time that it will take for petro companies to complete their ethanol-conversion requirements. But as we see now, some petro stations are dry, their $3/gal signs rendered absurd by empty tanks. Would customers prefer $4/gal petro that existed to fantasy $3/gal signs? If they prefer the empty tanks advertised by $3/gal signs, might they even prefer the signs above empty tanks to read, "$1.50/gal"?

People angry about the higher petro prices include leftists who otherwise applaud and advocate higher prices, so long as those boosted prices result from enormous new taxes, "earmarked" for govt spending on developing non-petro energy sources, and conservation. Surely a more efficient means of improving our energy situation is to let market forces dictate prices, and permit market participants to build new refineries and nuclear plants, and explore and drill in US "protected" areas. Meanwhile, consumers will start choosing more smartly designed home and office structures and options.

Bush to China: Hands off my Hummer

From an editorial in yesterday's NYT (granted, a borderline treasonous rag with ideological ties to such unreliably patriotic Americans such as Hillary Rodham Clinton):

How's this for nerve? The leader of a country that consumes more than 20 million barrels of oil a day is warning the leader of a country that consumes some 6.5 million barrels not to try to lock up world oil resources. When President Bush welcomes the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, to the White House today, the American complaint will be that China's appetite for oil affects its stance on Iran, Sudan and other trouble spots.

In other words, China is acting just like everyone else: subjugating its foreign policy to its energy concerns. The United States does it, too — witness its long-running alliance with Saudi Arabia.

Still, the size of China's population — 1.3 billion people — puts things into an alarming context. China recently overtook Japan as the world's second-biggest consumer of oil. Its real gross domestic product is growing at 8 to 10 percent a year, and its need for energy is projected to increase by about 150 percent by 2020. China's move from bicycles to cars has accelerated its oil consumption; by 2010, China is expected to have 90 times the number of cars it had in 1990, and it will probably have more cars than America by 2030.

That leaves the world with two options. The first is to manage energy resources better. The other is to look for another planet. Simply continuing the current trends isn't viable, especially with the growing needs of India, with its one billion people and a growing economy of its own.

The United States doesn't have the right to tell a third of humanity to go back to their bicycles because the party's over. Clearly, Mr. Bush and Mr. Hu must tackle energy in a real and meaningful way. That can be done only if the United States both helps China find alternative energy sources and shows that America is doing the same thing itself.

The best possible course would be for China to leapfrog an oil-based economy and head toward sustainable alternative fuels, just as other countries are jumping past the construction of land lines for telephone service and going straight to wireless systems. China has a lot of biomass — crops, forests and wood products — that could be converted into ethanol.

China, like America, has a lot of coal. But the world can't afford for it to go ahead with a proposal to build hundreds of coal-fired power plants; that would be an environmental disaster. The United States can help stave that off by sharing clean coal technology.

None of this cooperation will work unless the United States provides leadership by making sacrifices of its own. Asking other countries to lay off the world's oil supply so America can continue to support its gas-guzzling Hummers doesn't really cut it.

Stripper 2's Credability Smashed

Stripper 2 initially said that she doubted the accuser's allegation of rape. Now she says that she believes the accuser. Why did she change her mind? Now we learn that 8 days after the incident, she was arrested for violating a probation aggreement associated with her arrest on a probation violation "from a 2001 conviction for embezzling $25,000 from a photofinishing company in Durham where she was a payroll specialist."

She also admits that the strippers and the honkies had a dispute over the upfront $800 cash payment, when the strippers stopped dancing in response to the broom stick comment after dancing for four minutes. “They ripped themselves off when they started hollering about a broomstick," she said. The accuser left her money in the house and she wanted it back; the guys wanted a refund and wouldn't let her back in. That's the only dispute, I believe, not a rape.


What Phenomenon of White Men Raping Black Women?

Of white women reporting rapes last year, the fraction reporting black assailants: 15.5%, which is roughly the fraction of US men who are black.

Of black women reporting rapes last year, the fraction reporting honkey assailants:
0.0% (less than a tenth of a percent).

No wonder black strippers prefer white audiences. Jesse Jackson and the Righteously Angry Blacks (RABs) at NCCU are invoking a concept that doesn't exist anymore, thanks to the brave efforts of people who risked their lives before us.

And guess where The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education put Duke on its list of best schools for African Americans? Near the top. With its roughly 10% black composition, that's pretty close the national black population percent. Expect to see black Duke students speaking out on behalf of these accused lacrosse players.

Common Sense Violates Today's Sensitivities

In order to protect your safety: Don't be a stripper. Don't hire strippers. If you're a girl, don't get excessively fall-down drunk in public, and if you do, don't leave alone with men that you've just met.

I remind my dear readers that during the heyday of the Cute White Girl Missing in Aruba days (to the extent that heyday has died), I spoke out against the absolute and instantaneous insistance of many people, including especially many cable news personalities and Natalie Holloway's family, that the rich white boy was guilty. It looks increasingly like he is innocent, and that Natalie behaved with aggressive recklessness on the night that she disappeared. Only a moron would interpret my conclusion as indicating that I believe she desearved what she got.

Last week one of Joran Vander Sloot's chief cable news adversaries interviewed him for one hour, without an attorney and no stipulations. He answered every question, and his every answer seemed reasonable to me. By his account, Natalie got super smashed, left with him, then at her request stayed alone on the beach a few hours before dawn. What's wrong with pointing out that women should be staggering around on their own late at night super drunk?

I bet those lacrosse guys regret having strange women come to their home to strip for money; this put the players at risk for false charges from women that they don't know. Surely there are strippers out there who authentically regret going to strange men's homes to strip for money; such situations put them at risk for getting drugged and/or raped by men they don't know.

Thank you, Sister Cynthia

By Mary Grabar, teacher at Clayton State University located in Atlanta, Georgia.


Poor Baby

"Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui's isolation from family members and social support networks left him vulnerable to recruitment by al-Qaida, the terrorist network, an expert on cults testified Wednesday."

"He's away from his family. He's lonely. He's complained about racism. He's in a new country, and he doesn't have any support group," Martin said, describing the period in the mid-1990s that Moussaoui began his move to radical Islam."

Somebody hand me a tissue.

Wine Boxes

I'm not a huge wine fan. But these juice-boxes-with-wines will certainly fill a need when going to the movies. I would like them some samoza-style drinks comprising nice wine cut with juice.

Absinthe, the Green Fairy

Tom: Which of us will be the first to explore this fabled spirit? I suppose my obsession with New Orleans makes me a likely candidate, but would very much appreciate your recommendation on which bottle to purchase. This link gives prices in pounds, and another link (below) prices in Euros. Please help me identify a supplier and a specific product. And encourage Nadir to have a taste at my solon.



St. Judus

The new Judus Gospel in Egypt reminds us that Christ and Christianity come to us from non-white people. Jesus and the original Christians were non-white, and the earliest extant Christian organizations materialized in Egypt, Iraq, and Eithiopia. So why do any knowlegable people consider christianity to be a honkey religion, or more honky-ish than Islam?

Anti-Rummy Screed by Pat Buch

RF's favorite isolationist launches a pretty unassailable depiction of the retired General's Coup. While I agree that criticisms during a war undermines the war, leaders of a democracy must bear this in mind when they choose war. If they cannot do so in a manner that inspires public confidence, they indeed have lost a front that -- in many wars -- is the most important one. For various reasons, Lincoln was able to ultimately win in that front, despite bitter and devoted opposition. Also like Bush, he had never served in combat and clashed with many of his generals, in rejecting their advise. But Lincoln found a way to win the Union public, and it didn't involve his supporters calling for critics to clamp their mouths. Bush has not found a way to effectively unify his own public behind this war; that is a real and important defeat.

Girls Outperform Boys in Graduation Rates

Does this neccessarily mean that schools practice anti-boy gender bias? Or do alternative explanations exist, such as girls behaving better?

With Asians out-performing honkies, does this neccessarily indicat anti-white racism permeating American education? Or do alternative explanations exist, such as the better behavior of Asian students?

With black students performing at the bottom (even in school systems dominated by black teachers and administrators), does this neccessarily indicate the work of racism? How is it that the same black schools charactorized by poor academic performance regularly produce top-notch athletic performances? Could it be that black folks overall are behaving on average poorly when it comes to academics, but seriously when it comes to athletics?

Teachers Beheaded In Front Of Primary School Students In Iraq

Those “freedom fighters” committed another brave act of resistance to the occupation today in Baghdad: Teachers beheaded in Baghdad in front of students.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Separate groups of gunmen entered two primary schools in Baghdad on Wednesday and beheaded two teachers in front of their students, the Ministry of State for National Security said.

“Two terrorist groups beheaded two teachers in front of their students in the Amna and Shaheed Hamdi primary schools in Shaab district in Baghdad,” a ministry statement said.
A ministry official said he believed the attacks were aimed at: “intimidating pupils and disrupting learning.”

F*cking pieces of shit. Let me see one of you fools excuse and justify this.

Tax Cuts "For Rich" Help Everyone

I will never understand anybody with an understanding of economics favoring anything but a modest and flat tax.

Rethinking Joe Wilson's Story

Hitchy uses the occassion of a new book by Joe Wilson to take a fresh critical look at Wilson's accounting of events. Why did Wilson initially claim incorrectly that the CIA played no role in his selection for the job? Does such a claim constitute a lie? Why does the anti-war activists take Wilson's assessment as the alpha and omega of a Hussein-Niger nuclear connection?

Revealing that Wilson's wife played an essential role in his getting selected for the job undermines Wilson's own false claim to have been selected purely due to his reputation (a claim essential to his authority on the subject) as an expert on the subject. Thus there exists an explanation for revealing his wife's role independant of the left's claim that this revelation served purely to "punish" the wife by "exposing" her. If the left thinks that Bush and Cheney are clever enough to fake a swing at Wilson as a suckerpunch at his wife, why can't they consider that Wilson and his wife were clever enough to set a trap for Bush and Cheney (who the left insist are inept), Wilson go public, giving the Chenushes two bad choices: accept Wilson's false claim to be such an expert on the topic that his reputation would attract others to select him for the job, or falsify that claim by revealing the role of Wilson's wife, permitting the two of them to then counter-punch with feigned outrage over "exposure"?

It defies logic that if they were so protective of her status that Wilson would go public with an assignment that he obtained with the documented assistence of his wife. Meanwhile, logic dictates that the targets of his public proclaimation would undermine his proclaimed expertise by exposing that his wife, not his reputation alone, got him his assignment, regardless of the impact of this revelation on the wife.


Black Businesses Growth Exceeds Average

Just think how fast they'd be growing if racistm weren't so rampant! Speaking of all that racism, why isn't it holding the growth of black business below that of the honkies? This racism has also failed to stop Asians and Africans from exceeding whites in education and income performances.

Duke Rape Arrests, Update

This article -- by the Nation of Islam's Final Call -- is one of the best summaries I've encountered. While presenting important info, it also omits important info.

“A lot of us are sick and tired of our women, our sisters and our mothers being violated. We need to take a stand.” Yet the article doesn't present racial statistics on the reported rapes of black and white women, and the reported racial composition of their attackers.

"Hours later" she was taken to the hospital, where she "obviously" looked like she was beaten. “I knew somebody had beat her because you could look at her face and tell that her face was swollen,” the alleged victim’s father told The Herald-Sun newspaper. “It was all around her eyes and her jaw was swollen. She tried to get out of the car, but she couldn’t walk. Her leg still hurts.” Yet Stripper 2, the security guard, and three cops called to the second 911 call didn't think she looked beaten. It will be very interesting to compare the photos of her in the final moments at the rape house to photos of her at the hospital looking "obviously" beaten. And the photos appear to show that (1) her legs had injuries when she arrived at the honkey house, (2) her legs got injured some more while falling after leaving the house, and (3) she had trouble walking independant of what went on in the bathroom. This is the first indication that anybody has linked her leg injuries to a rape, whereas the photos show leg injuries clearly unrelated to a rape. Would the medical examiners have diagnosed "consistent with rape" without these injuries? What happened between the grocery store parking lot and when she arrived at the hospital? How much time elapsed? With whom was she with?

“We stand against the use of racial slurs and the vilification of anyone." No word about allegations that the strippers not only hurled racial slurs, but started the exchange.

"...the White male participants became rowdy and started hurling racial slurs at the Black dancers, the alleged victim told a local newspaper that they both became frightened." Yet numerous reporters who have viewed "the photos" concur that for the few minutes of dancing, several photos were taken throughout, and they show all the honkies seated back with their hands to themselves. The photos also show the accuser leaning into the honkies and slapping one of them, after which the photos show everyone with gloomy dispositions, but no honkies crowding the strippers. The strippers and the honkies all agree that one of the honkies asked if the girls brought sex toys, the girls said no, and one of the guys suggested a broomstick, which angered the girls. The guys claim this comment (which is not illegal) prompted the slap (which is illegal).

"...a statement from NCCU Chancellor James Ammons." This guy was a VP at FAMU when I was there, and I had to negotiate with him during a few of my Black National Freedom Fighter days.

"Almost daily demonstrations by Duke University students outraged that administration officials not only kept quiet about the alleged assault for more than a week, but had not punished the lacrosse players for underage drinking." Since most of the Duke protesters are white, this counters all the talk of racism. And do these people want every scurrillous accusation to race into the headlines? We see what happened here: this led to immediate castication of the accused before a clear amount of evidence appeared. Do these demonstrators want to do this when some white strippers accuse some black Duke or NCCU guys? As for prosecuting underage drinking, do the black students at NCCU *really* want that? In my extensive experiance at black universities, and at black parties at white universities, I hardly think that this is a genuine demand.

Even people who only care about black people should be very careful about the demands that they make in this case. Black males compose roughly 12% of the US male population, but compose 40% or more of the alleged perpetrators in reported rape cases. Even if the Duke honkies are guilty, this could not have been clear a week after the incidendent, when the blustery, shrieking protests began. Even today, is it so clear that anybody outside of the case can be 100% certain? The angry protesters should keep this in mind.

At the recent forum at NCCU, one of the righteous race-baiters described how a year or two ago a black Duke student got incorrectly arrested for rape charged by a white women, and then released after a few days. The race-baiter used this as evidence that some of the crackers in this case should have been arrested within days. But logically somebody could use this as an example for why students on both campuses should have banged pots everyday outside the accused guy's dorm. Or why the white boys should have been arrested... and then released with charges dropped after the negative DNA returned.

"Mr. Nifong says based on what evidence he’s seen so far—broken fingernails, a make-up bag, cell phone, a shoe and approximately $400 in cash left behind at the scene, in addition to the forensic rape exam report from the hospital—a brutal rape did occur." But the fingernails contained no DNA, and despite having two full days to dispose of this evidence, the guys in the house left it all out in the open, "consisent with" a drunken, violent, expelled visitor being given a chance to return under sober circumstances and reclaim her property.

Did the guys rape her? Did they drug her? The people who answer Yes seem to have committed themselves to this answer prior to reviewing important data, including the DA. Count me among those who are uncertain, who believe on balance that probably no rape occured, but who are willing to change our minds as more evidence materializes.


Vouchers gain traction among Black voters

"Some parents and educators see them as a backhanded attempt to divert resources to private institutions. Others, especially the poor, seem more willing to accept them as an opportunity to escape dysfunctional schools. Many in Newark now seem open to giving vouchers a shot. Rosa R. Langston, 82, the director of the Office of Children in the city's Department of Health, for example, said that she had been skeptical of vouchers until her granddaughter received a scholarship to a private school, and went on to the University of Pennsylvania. If vouchers save our children, for God's sake give it to them. I'm tired of our children failing."

Entire Bush team needs replacement

One day last week, a wire photo found its way into this newsroom as I suspect it did in just about every newsroom in the country. I'm also quite sure it never made it into any newspaper.

The undatelined photo from wherever it was our nominal president happened to be that day, showed a woman holding up a sign bearing the following message: "Will Someone Please Give Bush a B--- J-- So We Can Impeach Him?"

The message was a subtle reminder that it was a sexual act that got Bush's predecessor impeached, and a not-so-subtle reminder that Bush's numerous and far more egregious impeachable acts that have cost America thousands of lost and ruined lives and billions in treasure have so far gone unpunished.

Gingrich Criticizes Bush, Aids Enemy

As Bush apologists realize their leader is presiding over a dying presidency, they are straining to distance themselves from him.

(Well, except on Reformed Leftist where they strain to defend their continued support...)


Profile of the Accuser

This doesn't add to, or subtract from, the possibilities that she got raped, or fabricated a rape.

Police Trickery

Here's why even innocent people accused of a crime shouldn't talk to police: Cops can try to trick innocent people into a convction. According to this article, the Duke rape police seem concerned that some of the lacrosse players have rock-solid alibis during the party: they weren't there. They defense attorneys believe that the accuser is pretty much guessing who to finger as her assailants. What if she fingers somebody who wasn't there? That would be yet another reason to doubt her story.

Did you guys know that unlike any other crime, rape cases qualify police departments for federal funds? Think about that for a minute...

Stripper 2 Turning? & Jesse Arrivals

Here Jesse arrives on the scene, with a scholarship for the accuser "so that she never again has to stoop so low just to survive." I agree with Jesse that stripping is "low" (as is hiring strippers), and hope that the strident NC Central students who hail her as a "lady" will confront him on this observation. But a scholarship for her? And the belief that she's taken this job because she has too "just to survive"? Nonsense! The vast majority black women -- like all women -- "survive" without debasing themselves. This goes for women working their ways through college, even those attractive enough to strip, even those with kids. Why doesn't Jesse get scholarships for those women?

The article also has one of the defense lawyers stating that Stripper 2 has said in interviews that she doesn't believe the accuser's story. This might be why we no longer hear the defense bad-mouthing Stripper 2, about her faking the first call. This might also explain why the two were in the grocery store parking lot engaging in some activity that attracted the security guard, and why there was an effort to get the accuser out of the car: were they having a fight?

Other new releases claim that stripper 2 exchanged angry, racially charged words with the honkies as they were leaving, a few minutes before the first 911 call. Maybe Stripper 2 intended the fake first call to be their only strike against the honkies. And maybe as they were leaving they started fighting amounst themselves when they realized that the accuser had left her purse and money behind. The rape charge might have been an improvisation in reponse to the accuser realizing that she was about to be arrested.

I'm not 99% sure that the honkies are innocent of rape, just about 81%. But I'm 100% certain that Jesse Jackson is an embarrassment.


Accuser Fingering Absent Lacrosse Player?

I think I've figured out why the defense hasn't released "the photos": they don't want to give the accuser assistance in fingering her alleged assailants. The police just snuck into the dorm where some of the players lived, and asked them for "clarification" of who was at the party. The defense say that (1) this was illegal and (2) indicates that they DA worries that the stripper has fingered one or more players who might not even have been at the party. This article includes a description of the un-released photos, as viewed by the reporter writing the article. Now it makes sense that the defense would neither release these photots nor explain why: they seem to know that one or more player wasn't at the party, and they are hoping that the accuser will include one of those guys in her accusation. BUT: Isn't the DA entitled to these photos?


Hugh Hewitt & Mark Steyn on Iran, France, Germany, and all that Mussolini jazz.

Mexico's Immigration Policies

Tom: When you lived in Mexico City as a legal US citizen, could you vote? What do you reckon would have resulted had you demanded to vote without an ID, and to have a ballot in English? Here's an article claiming that some visiting US students participated in an enviornmental protest in Mexico, and got summarily deported.

Though I ultimately support amnesty, citizenship, increased limits, and easier immigration procedures, these demonstrators are embarrassing themselves.

Column One: The fateful hour has arrived

But how can that be when Iran is not a threat? Tom?

State's $100K club grows

That's nice. Way to go Ms. Granholm.

None dare call it treason

"WASHINGTON, April 13 — The widening circle of retired generals who have stepped forward to call for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's resignation is shaping up as an unusual outcry that could pose a significant challenge to Mr. Rumsfeld's leadership, current and former generals said on Thursday.

Maj. Gen. Charles H. Swannack Jr., who led troops on the ground in Iraq as recently as 2004 as the commander of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division, on Thursday became the fifth retired senior general in recent days to call publicly for Mr. Rumsfeld's ouster. Also Thursday, another retired Army general, Maj. Gen. John Riggs, joined in the fray."

Where's old Tail-Gunner Joe when you need him? This is clearly a plot from the radical left wing of the Democratic Party. How did Hillary Rodham Clinton get to these guys?


That traitor, Levin

Below Six flays Sen. Levin for allegedly saying, "The political and security situation in Iraq is deeply troubling and threatens to grow worse.”

Did he really say that? That's borderline treasonous. What's this so-called "American" Senator doing -- reading internal Bush administration documents? If the Democrat (and therefore automatically suspect) Senator has any questions, he should consult the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who has announced that the war is going "very, very well." (Of course, he rescinded that a few days later, but as Uncle Joe McCarty showed, treason goes high up in the USA.)

Officials: Iran Nuclear Bomb Is Years Away

Too bad, Tom. Looks like that Tel-Aviv parking lot thing won't be happening anytime soon.

South Park: Comedy Central Censored Mohammed

Racism, Racism Everywhere

Here a college gets brought to its knees because somebody updated a standardized test replacing "Gallager" (a comedian famous in the '80s, whom nobody today of college age would remember) with "Condelleza" (a name known by everybody today) in a math problem involving the speed of a watermelon (Gallager's signature gag involved him smashing a watermelon). I imagine that most of the students didn't even know about a perjorative watermellon - black person connotation... but they do now! I wonder if the poor schmuck who updated the test even knew, or even thought anything but spotting an unfamiliar name and replacing it with a familiar name; the poor bastard might have even been purposefully ensuring to add the names of famous black people into the document.

At a time when blacks who work hard do very well and have full legal rights, but Americans in general do poorly in math, is this really how college students, teachers, and administrators need to spend any of their time? How about just NOT CARING? This response creates the impression that black folks are hypersensitive and more urgently concerned about perceived slights than they are about focusing on serious academic matters.

An Email Exchange With Sen. Carl Levin (D, Michigan)

Dear Senator:

Thank you for the letter regarding your recent visits to Iraq and Afghanistan. I commend you for actually taking it upon your self to visit those two countries in person rather than commenting on the current state of each from the safety and comfort of your offices here in Michigan and in Washington DC.

However, having said all that, I find it disingenuous at best that you would tell our courageous men and women in harms way in Afghanistan and especially in Iraq, that they have the extraordinary support of Democrats in Congress, let alone of all their fellow Americans. They certainly don’t have the support of Rep. John Murtha, based on the defeatist rhetoric that flies out of his mouth on a regular basis, do they? Calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq and ranting on and on about how we’re losing the war is not supporting the troops. Sorry to inform you of that. Please pass that along to your distinguished colleague from Pennsylvania.

You need to stop sending out mixed signals Senator. You either support the troops, or you don’t. Tell me, how does it feel that your party, the Democrat Party, has sold itself out to the radical left, Cindy Sheehan, Moveon.org, Code Pink, World Can’t Wait wackos of the world? A party whose spokespersons are none other than un-hinged lunatics such as the likes of former President Jimmy Carter, almost President Al Gore and that complete fool Dr. Howard Dean.

You said:

“Sadly, the same cannot be said of Iraq. The political and security situation in Iraq is deeply troubling and threatens to grow worse.”

I’m sorry Senator, but I can’t read these sentences without believing this is actually wishful-thinking on your part, hoping for complete failure in Iraq, rather than heart-felt concern. You see, Senator, I don’t think you do support the troops, or the War in Iraq, even though you’re on record as supporting the taking out of Saddam Hussein before and after 9-11-2001:

"[W]e urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs."
Letter to President Clinton.
- (D) Senators Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, others, Oct. 9, 1998

"We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandate of the United Nations and is building weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them."
- Sen. Carl Levin (D, MI), Sept. 19, 2002

No Senator, I think your party, the Democrat Party, has degraded and degenerated to the point where it will do and say anything, will do whatever it takes and will associate with whomever they have to to regain power, even if it means leading this great country to complete and utter defeat against as great an evil as the modern world has ever known.

Is that really what you want your legacy to be Senator Levin? I pray for the sake of our country and of the free world that it isn’t.


Peter Peltier-Ferndale, MI

On Mon, 3 Apr 2006 11:45:36 -0400, senator_levin wrote
Dear Mr. Peltier:

On March 27th, I delivered a statement in the Senate reporting on my recent trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. The focus of the trip was to assess the situation in both counties. During my trip, I had the opportunity to meet with our troops, including many from Michigan; senior U.S. military and civilian officials; and Afghan and Iraqi leaders. In light of your previous correspondence, I thought you might be interested in this brief report.

Each time I have visited Iraq and Afghanistan, I have been deeply impressed by the very high morale, dedication and professionalism of our servicemen and women. During my trip, I conveyed to them the extraordinary support they have from Congress and from the American people, regardless of our debates and differences over policy matters.

I was encouraged by the progress in the political and security situation in Afghanistan. While much work remains, President Karzai has led his nation with a firm and steady hand, and I am hopeful about the future of Afghanistan.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of Iraq. The political and security situation in Iraq is deeply troubling and threatens to grow worse. The recent increase in sectarian violence has become the number one security problem, and Iraq’s political leadership continues to struggle with the formation of a national unity government. During my trip, I told Iraqi political leaders, including Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and representatives from the two main Sunni Arab parties, that the Iraqis and only the Iraqis can decide their fate.

I believe we need to be successful in Iraq because the outcome there will have a major effect on the region and on our own security. To achieve this success, I believe it is important that the U.S. make it clear to the Iraqis that if they are unable to come together and form a government of national unity, we must reconsider our presence in Iraq and that all options will be on the table, including withdrawal of our forces. The Iraqis must understand that our willingness to bear the burden of providing security in Iraq has limits.

My complete statement on my trip to Afghanistan and Iraq can be found on my website at [


Carl Levin

If you would prefer not to receive future email updates from me, you can unsubscribe by clicking here:

Response II to Tom's defeatist "Getting Our Asses Kicked" view

This article shows that more US troops die annually outside of the Iraq and Afgahnistan theaters than inside it, and that the number of troops killed unter recent previous administrations is either greater than for Bush II, or not much lower.

On Tom's Defeatist "Getting Our Asses Kicked" Claim

This article shows that mortality rate of US troops in Iraq is lower than overal US mortality rate. -- Paul

Immigration post on Gristmill

Above find my contribution to the immigration debate.

Hey, let's go bomb Iran!

Come on, guys. Please tell me this isn't serious. You're already getting your asses kicked in two war (you essentially control the capital and a few provinces in Iraq and Afghanistan). Now you're going to open a third front--enraging a bunch of Shiites in the country next door to Iraq, surely inflaming the Sunni-Shiite conflict to epochal proportions? Can anyone seriously see this as a way forward?

Duke Rape Crimestoppers Report Deflates

This report asserts that the "crimestoppers" description of the rape allegation moderated over time, as facts emerged. For example, the original entry used the word "victim", which has been replaced by the word "complantaint". The report reminds me that original claim included an allegation of robbery, and the recovery of the accuser's purse and $400 seemed to confirm this. New facts, though, paint a more likely scenario: the stripper was so wasted that she left her purse behind. If you were going to "rob" somebody, would you do it in your own house, and keep preserve all the case in the victim's purse? The fact that the cash remained in the purse suggests that its existance at the house didn't even result from the guys confiscating the money that they had paid her for services not-rendered: if that was the case, why did they leave the money in the purse?

WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS? The defense is starting to draw questions to itself.

Lacrosse Defense Slipping

After hitting home runs every day for a week, yesterday marked the first chance that the defense could respond to the nitwit DA's insistance that that a rape occured despite negative DNA tests (a competent DA would simply have said that the investigation is not complete) and the rabid race-baiters at NC Central. Did the defense respond by producing those photos that they promised? That would have been a home run, and could have made it even harder for the DA to press on. But no photos appeared. Instead we learn that when the accuser went for her exam, she didn't mention who assaulted her. Other reports reveal that she never mentioned a sexual assault to Sripper 2. This is lame; If I got raped, I am not at all certain that I'd tell my companion that it happened, or would say who did it when I went for my exam.

WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS? The defense has promised photos similar to how the DA promised a DNA match. If there were no photos, the facts so far would still favor the defense, and surely we cannot require supporting photos if women fake a rape. But the defense promised photos, and if it doesn't produce them, that undermines its credability, and we have to wonder about its other claims, such as matching the first 911 caller to Stripper 2.


Black Lacrosse Player, Family Support Accused

Finally we hear from the black player, or at least his family. Like the other families, they've been quite until facts appear. Where are the promised photos? What happened to the claim that Stripper 2 made the first 911 call? What is her story?

Stripper Cried Rape to Avoid Arrest?

This account claims that the second 911 call in the grocery store parking lot resulted in the accuser getting arrested for public intoxication, and that *THEN* she made the rape claim, to shift herself from being arrested to being a victim. Then was the decision to fake a rape an improvization by the accuser acting alone?

If so, why did Stripper 2 make the fake call, and lie to the police about finding the accuser walking the street, if not in support of a mutual plan to make second rape call? If the accuser only agreed to go along with Stripper 2's proposal to fake a rape after she herself got arrested for public drunkenness, why didn't Stripper 2 support the story by telling the police that the accuser said she'd been raped?

Why were the girls in the lot loitering? Were they arguing about Stripper 2's plan to fake a rape? Were the inflicting fake rape wounds? What about their behavior caused the security guard to call the police? We've all been parked drunk in parking lots after hours and been shooed away without incident.

Did the police see evidence of facial and neck bruising?

This account also has one of the defense attornies conceding that one of the crackers is going to get charged. But where are those photos? If they contain what the defense claims, why not use them now? Does the DA have them? Has he demanded them? This is causing my support for the team to drop a few points, from 92% to 87%.

The "Reconquista": What Bush fails to see at the border

An open letter to President Bush from film director Ronald F. Maxwell.

Movies Aren't Worse Today?

This article asserts that we film snobs are wrong about "today's movies aren't as good as they used to be". I tried to conduct an experiment on imdb.com, to compare top ten grossing movies for each decade year (1950, 1960, etc). But imdb only computes top-grossing figures as far back as 1980. For 80, 90, and 2000, I found that only 2000 had a top 10 film (Gladiator) that I consider excellent. Everytyhing else I found to be unwatchable awful, though I suppose I should give 1980's "Ordinary People" another chance.

2000: (10%)

1990: (0%)

1980: (0%)

imdb does calculate for all years a ranking by "total votes" of its voting visitors. Here's how I rate each year's list, by fraction of "top ten vote-getting films" that I rate as excellent:

1940 (70%)

1950 (90%)

1960 (60%)

1970 (50%)

1980 (20%)

1990: (10%)

2000: (20%)

2004: (20%) I didn't include Million Dollar Baby, Garden State, or Crash, though I'm open to adding MMB and Garden State.

Thus I must conclude that I really do think that the quality of films overall has diminished, but a lack of box office statistics before 1980 makes my study non-definative.

Our Indefensible Tax System

David Cay Johnston is one of the few people in the United States who's exposing the American tax code for what it is: backwards socialism. As a Pulitzer Prize-winning tax reporter for the New York Times, Johnston has, over the past nine years, uncovered the inner workings of a system that coddles, aids, and abets the rich in their various attempts to get out of paying taxes, forcing the upper-middle, middle, and working classes to pay for government on their own.

Stripper at the Hospital

This account about the stripper at the hospital examination portrays her as having bruises and behaving hysterically. Another account claims that her boyfriend brought her for the examination, a few hours after the grocery store parking lot 911 call. That makes the boyfriend a material witness. I am curious to know what he has to say, and what she has to say about him. Was he examined?

What did the accuser say about all of her injuries? Did she claim that they all resulted from the alleged sexual assault?

And where are those photos that the defense attornies have promised? So far, the defense has credability of 100%. If those photos don't materialize, or fail to show what the defense claims, that will drop their credability down below 100%.

My Undocumented Radio Station: An Analogy

John Stossel: Scaring for money

"Next time you hear dire "scientific" warnings -- and demands to surrender more control over your life to the government in order to avert disaster -- remember the crack babies. The only disaster coming may be an activist-induced panic.

Think about that when you hear dire predictions about global warming or avian flu. "

Racist Excuses for Stripper Unending

Here's a UNC Central student who apparently and effectively believes that the stripper's allegation is a gold standard against which all testing can be judged; if she says that she got raped, and the DNA tests return negative, then the tests therefore are inaccurate. I presume that this golden assumption for accusers he applies only to blacks accusing whites. He claims that the test results took "suspiciously long" to complete, exposing his ignorance of how long such tests normally take, which is about two months. Only in the special case of the DA requesting speed did they return in about a week. This has angered defendants and accusers in other cases who have been waiting months already for their own results. What if the second round of results returns positive? This idiot will now have to reject those restuls as taking even longer! The even dumber DA now has a stake in these results, which is unconcionable; he now has motive to have the results faked to fit his declaration that a crime was committed!

Racism Dominating Duke Rape Claim

One righteous race-baiter demanded the arrest of the honkey lacrosse players (all 49?) because a few years ago a black Duke guy got arrested wrongly for rape, than a few days later was released when DNA cleared him. Whould this guy be angry man be any happier if the honkeys got arrested a week ago, and released today with the DNA results, and have them all officially vindicated, as happened to the previously mis-identified student in his story? Would he like the DA to re-arrest that black guy from a few years ago and declare that the positive DNA result is irrellevent?

Another righteous race-baiter charactorized the accuser as his "sister", but did not identify the accused as his "brothers". Why? Becuase he is and the accuser are black, and the accused are white. That makes this person a racist; only black people can be his siblings. What if this guy got incorrectly accused of rape. Does he want the DA to publically declare his accuser is correct before the investigation is complete? Does he want the DA to ignore a negative DNA result?

Question: When the cops showed up at the grocery store where Stripper 2 had the accuser, prior to the accuser making the rape charge, did they threaten her with arrest for public intoxication?

Lacrosse Supporters Appear... after FACTS

For the first time ever, supporters of the Lacrosse players have appeared. Unlike the stripper supporters, these people have come forward only after facts have emerged. Perhaps some of these lacrosse supporters silently supported the players all along, and just waited for an excuse to come forward. But all supporters quoted so far either withheld judgement until facts emerged, or they were Duke students who unjustifiably condemned the players immediately, but changed their minds in the face of facts. (You will recall that I initially leaned to the strippers, then leaned hard to them when the first 911 call appeared, then leaned back to neutrality after discrepancies in that call surfaced.)

Duke students of various "races" -- including "black" -- have now stepped forward behind the players, including some who admit that they were wrong, and now "embarrassed", for initially condemning them. The press accounts include no NC Central students who support the players. NCCU students are not only disgracing themselves by this needlessly racist conduct, they are putting the strippers in a terrible position, making it harder now for them to come clean, and erecting demands that could harm black men in the future who could get wrongly accused.

I am very curious to see this week what happens to the Duke demonstrations. Will there be more? Will any of the previous leaders reverse their positions? How will the black Duke students react to the increased NCCU demonstrations? I predict an intra-racial break in this matter, with some black Duke students making a point of defending the players, and the devoted radical black Duke leftists and NCCU students accusing them of "selling out." Duke is about 10% black, which is a remarkable figure for an elite school in a nation that's about 10% black. There's plenty of black students at Duke who feel no racism; some have said so already. The black lacrosse player's dad has now come out for the players. I am most curious about the player himself.


Big Pharma Creating Diseases

Here's evil Big Pharma creating disesases to go along with the drugs that they've produced, manufacturing concerns, and tricking people into purchasing these drugs to fight everything from high cholesterol to "restless leg syndrome".

That's one way to look at this. But not my way: I see this as "Ignorant, rediculous public demands more diseases and drugs from Big Pharm. The same public that demands new menu options from Olive Garden and another Will Smith movie also want to new drugs to solve their health problems." I think that drugs cause disease, and do not -- and cannot -- heal disease. I don't take drugs. I address my health via the foods that I eat, and don't eat, excersize, mental stimulation, etc. There's a growing number of people like me. We are immune to the diseases created at customer request by Big Pharma.

I've worked with about 100 people interested in resolving health problems. I'm convinced that most people like having an ailment, and they like having a drug to take for it. Those who don't actually "like" having the disease and the drug, they at least like them more than they like the alternative: excersizing and eating only healthful foods. They have made their choice, and they are getting what they want. Sadly, medical insurance -- especially that subsidized by the govt -- encourages this. If I have medical insurance, I can afford to enjoy even more diseases and their big pharma treatments!

Mystery of Prices (Solved by Reading!)

Would this plan (boycotting Exxon and Mobile) be easier than all of us reading a basic economics textbook, say, "Basic Economimcs", by Standford economist Thomas Sowell, or "Free to Choose", by Nobel economist Milton Friedman? Or maybe just a few weekly columns by George Mason economist Walter Williams.

An understanding of economics won't bring down petro prices; but neither will this boycott plan. However, an undestanding of basic economics will enable interested people to understand how prices work (including why any price has its value on any given day) and to understand why the proposed boycott won't work.

(Hint: If our demand shifts from Exxon-Mobile to its competitors, you are correct that Exxon-Mobile's prices will drop. But what will happen to the prices at its competetors? Read an economics textbook this summer to find out!)

Don't worry, friends; I used to be conspiracy theorizing leftist, too. Oh, back when I thought that "the government" could "control prices". How righteous and cocksure I was. Those were the days!

For those angry about the profits earned by these evil petro companies, you might find some succor in a few FACTS:

- The PROFIT MARGIN of petro has not increased. The evil oil companies make the same profit per dollar as they always have, about 8 cents per gallon. However, thanks to newly freed markets in China and India, people there instead of starving and begging for international handouts, are now consuming and producing goods and services, which requires and includes purchasing petro. Your summer economics reading will reveal the shocking result of INCREASED DEMAND. By how much would you like the petro companies to cut their profits? If you'd like zero profits (that'll show those evil petro barrons!), that'll bring down a $3 gallon down to just $2.76. But that's still too high, isn't it? Worse, according to your economics textbook, something you'll really hate results from LOWERED PROFITS (hint: keep your eco text in your car, as you'll need something to do while waiting in the gas lines).

- Your government makes several times more in taxes than the wicked petro companies do in profits on each dollar that you spend at the pump, between 40 and 60 cents per gallon go to taxes; yes, 60 cents in New York state! Lowering those taxes can cut your $3 gallon down to $1.50. Now we're getting somewhere. Your textbook will have something amazing to say about what happens when you cut taxes on over-taxed elements of the economy. Shockingly, reducing tax rates on over-taxed elements results in INCREASE of tax revenues! How about organizing to reduce the taxation of petro?

- Do you imagine that the evil oil companies are any more powerful than the other evil companies, such as WalMart, Merk, Microsoft, Dell, Disney, etc.? These companies are all hurt by high petro prices, and benefit from low petro prices. To the extent that petro prices result from the evil, behind-the-curtain machinations of wicked, greedy corporations, do you imagine that the evil non-petro companies have worked to minimize the cost of petro?

- Maybe you'd like to regulate petro prices, or impose price controls. Your eco textbook will explain what happens in such a case, and will use famous examples of implementing such a notion in the 1970s; you can read about this while burning gas waiting in the petro line.

After reading an economics book, perhaps a history of Cuba. Those evil, profiteering petro companies aren't "exploiting" "the Cuban people", no siree! Good luck purchasing petro there, though.

Free People = Free Markets Free Markets = Free People

Evidence Can't Sway Racists, Leftists

Within days of the Duke Lacrosse stripper filing her complaint, thousands of people in the area declared her accusation to be 100% accurate, and demanded action against the accused. They staged protests first at Duke, then at the nearby black school that the accuser attends. The protesters insisted, essentially, that the behavior described by the accuser was consistent with their own socio-economic-racial stereotype of the accused. These people obtained the names of the accused, broadcast their names, and publicized their criminal histories, which were pretty tame. Prior to completion of an investigation, the DA declared that the accusation was accurate, this before DNA evidence returned -- evidence that he originally predicted would be definative.

Then facts started emerging that undermined the accuser, including negative DNA evidence. None of this, though, can persuade most of those who made up their minds prior to these facts. Consider this preposterous statement, a classic straw man complaint:

"The press has disrespected this young lady," he said. "You have minimalized (her) to a stripper and an exotic dancer. You don't identify her as a mother. You don't identify her as a student. You don't identify her as a woman."

This ignoramous cannot possibly cite a single press account since this became national news that fails to describe the accuser as a mother, student, and woman. Any person angry with all the press vilifying the accuser's criminal background, and her conduct on the night in question, should get angry at all rigteous protesters who villified the accused prior to the investigation's completion. Namely, they should be angry at the DA for bringing the investigation to the public, for insisting that the accused had committed crimes, and for releasing one of the guy's emails and other facts as they emerged. If any of these angry people ever get wrongly accused of a crime -- something that they insist happens all the time to black men -- they should hope that they can afford attornies who would respond just as these have. The racism of these angry people is obvious from their lack of outrage over the public scathing that Kobe Bryant's white accuser got.

It is clear now to me that the accuser is lying, and that Stripper 2 is probably the instigator. The DA is vacuous bafoon, and the protesters are ignoramouses; some now admit to being embarrassed and judging too soon. Maybe they have learned something important. Obviously some have not. However long the DA drags this on, the more the strippers and their empty-headed supporters will be exposed. People who care about real rape and real racism should be outraged; I am.


DNA Tests Indeed Show NO SEX

This article answers most of my "no sex" questions: Yes, they test for more than just semen, and in places other than where semen would be, and test even for tell-tale signs of condom use such as lubricant and latex residue. Presumably they also tested those famous fake fingernails. Will the hordes of instant protesters now have as much glee and relief knowing that the evil white drunken louts didn't rape the stripper as they had enmity and scorn when they were absolutely certain that they did? What will they do now?

From the article:
Attorney Joe Cheshire, who represents one of the team's captains, said the report indicated authorities took DNA samples from all over the alleged victim's body, including under her fingernails, and from her possessions, such as her cell phone and her clothes.

"They swabbed about every place they could possibly swab from her, in which there could be any DNA," he said. Cheshire said even if the alleged attackers used a condom, it's likely there would have been some DNA evidence found suggesting an assault took place. He said in this case, the report states there was no DNA on her to indicate that she had sex of any type recently.

"The experts will tell you that if there was a condom used they would still be able to pick up DNA, latex, lubricant and all other types of things to show that — and that's not here," Cheshire said.

Stan Goldman, who teaches criminal law, evidence and criminal procedure at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, said the DNA results don't mean that Nifong can't go forward with the case — but the test results make a successful prosecution much harder. "Isn't the absence of DNA evidence, given the way the victim has described the crime, in and of itself almost enough to raise a reasonable doubt?" he said. "That's all the defense has to do."

Med Results Show NO SEX?

According to this article, the DNA results include a finding of "NO SEX". How does that compare to the original medical finding that confirmed not just sex, but rape? What is going on here? Since when does a DNA test involve such analysis? Does the finding of "no sex" reflect a corresponding second examination of the photos and other evidence collected originally?

Duke Lacrosse Rape Charge: RIP

DNA test shows: no match. When new broke that DNA results were complete -- but not released by any party -- I posted below my prediction that the results would effectively settle the matter. The DA on one side talked big about the results, then the defense attornies responded with equally big talk. I predicted that positive results would surely kill the defense, and that negative results would almost equally kill the DA's case.

With no DNA match, could the girl still be telling the truth? Yes, of course she could. But there's just so many contradictions now that I conclude she and the other girl are lying. The defense had even more to lose by publicly declaring that there would be no match. They created enormous drama for their prediction. The introduced a weeks' worth of supporting facts and logical points, all of which would have been forgotten in the splash of a positive result. This tells me that the attornies have enough evidence to be certain, and the negative result has confirmed their certainty. I predict no charges now, I predict that the police will start pressuring both girls, especially Stripper 2; they now face an angry DA. Politically he might score points with the black electorate for showing that he took the girls seriously, to the point of looking foolish; not sure about this, though.

I predict calls for a law, perhaps giving the false accusers the same sentance that would have gone to people they falsely accuse.

What will all the instant protesters do now? Just yesterday they staged a demonstration outside the lacrosse house; will they now stage protests outside the houses of the two strippers, demanding full disclosure and cooperation? I'm glad that nobody got raped. I'm glad that nobody is going to get convicted unjustly. But what if one of the guys did have consensual sex? What if there were no confirming emails and photos? What if Stripper 2 hadn't made the ludicrous first call? What if she hadn't made mistakes in that first call? What if they had kept their stories straight? What if the guys didn't have money for expensive legal advocates?

Tax Breaks Cost Detroit?

This screaming headline declares that Detroit's declining tax revenue is partially caused by drastically reducing property taxes in special new-growth areas. Hogwash! If Detroit's city council really wants to see how fast their tax revs will slip, just go ahead and recind this practice. Or, better yet, to see how over-taxed populations will produce increased tax revenues, apply the tax reductions to the entire city, and make them perminent; currently they are temporary and apply only to select areas.

Basically what's happening is that the vast majority of the city does not qualify for these property tax reduction. Meanwhile, small portions of the city get these temporary reductions. The smal special areas are experiancing a boom in new home construction and increase in residents, while the vast expanse of Detroit which has the highest property tax in the metro area -- and the least amount of service -- is experiancing an exodus of residents, to the tune of about 100,000 per year.

In the area where the taxes apply, the building permits in ten years have increased 100%. If only the reporter (and more importantly, the city council members!) knew enough about economics and logic to seperate these analysis: What was the property tax revenue ten years ago IN THAT AREA compared to today? The article claims that many peole purchasing these new homes are "merely" moving from other parts of Detroit, but fails to ask: if the tax breaks didn't exist, would they move instead to the lower-tax subburbs?

Many "Latinos" Oppose Illegal Immigration

(It's hard to discuss an issue where the central terminology is ill-defined. I think the people we're discussing are Mestizos, descendants of American Indians with or without European ancestors.)

Looks like the protesters took my advise and are going with USA flags only. I think that this will help them. Meanwhile, a sizable chunk of "Latinos" oppose those marchers.

Kenny Drew, Jr.: What the F**k Happened to Black Popular Music?

"It's a sad commentary on our culture and society when the biggest thing in popular music is an ex-crack dealer whose claim to fame is being shot nine times, and one of the greatest entertainers in the world was on trial for child molestation. If that's not a sign of the coming Apocalypse, I don't know what is! And if 50Cent was really shot nine times, why couldn't one of those bullets have hit a vital organ? Who the fuck was shooting at him: Stevie Wonder? And as far as all these black rappers getting shot, how about a little equal opportunity violence here? Can't somebody pop a cap in Eminem's white ass?"

"Who can forget the uplifting messages of peace, hope and spirituality in the lyrics of Earth Wind & Fire? Or the social consciousness and protest messages in the lyrics of Gil Scott-Heron and Marvin Gaye? How the hell did we get from “Just to be Close to You Girl” to “Back That Ass Up Bitch”? How the hell did we get from “What's Goin' On” and “You Haven't Done Nothin' “ to “Me So Horny” and “My Hump”?"