Cops abusing a *WHITE* person?

No way! This article also refers to NYC cops shooting a retarded white guy. So if cops are roughing up and killing unarmed white men, then how do we know when they do this to a black person that it's racism rather than simply a race-neutral negative aspect of cop behavior?

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Tom Philpott said...

You've clearly never been to NY neighborhoods like Bensonhusrt or Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) or out on Staten Island or Long Island. These are the feeder areas for NY's finest, and they'll educate you fast about how racism still exists. I ate dinner once at a Brooklyn restaurant equally divided among Italian garbage men and cops. They weren't in polite company, and I heard them openly refer to "niggas" more than once. The whole thing had a very mob feel, and I found the idea that any of these rather menacing fellows legally brandish arms in public terrifying. "Uniformed thugs with clubs and guns," indeed--and racist to boot. That they smacked down a retarded white guy neither surprises me nor suggests that they aren't racist.

I applaud hat you aren't one of those right wingers that hates the state but loves the state police. Please tell me you have no use for that thuggish fraud, Rudy Guiliani.