Black-on-white Hate Crime from Duke Allegation?

Two white Duke students report that they got attacked by 12 black guys, in retailiation for the rape allegations. Was this a made-up report? Don't know. The quotation of the alleged attacker seemed too perfect, and wrung untrue with me. But a witness (was she with the alleged victim?) didn't seem to use the opportunity to fuel rage against the rape accuser, NC Central students, or blacks in general. I am curious to know how this assault got reported, if a 911 call got made, and how soon the police arrived. As is almost always the case, the media reports contain frustrating omissions (product of journalism school, no doubt).

Will the NC Central students begin staging massive protests declaring that the assault allegations are true, and demanding justice for the white boy who got knocked out? What about Duke students protesting for the right to go anywhere in the city without being attacked?

This report and others include allegations that neighbors of the lacrosse house and other whites associated with Duke have been getting threatened. Many of the anti-lacrosse protesters are white; if these threats are authentic, and if the reported attack is authentic, it will be most fascinating if one of the white protesters gets attacked or threatened.

The DA and the rape accuser are now firmly circled into their original stories; the DA declared that he thinks a crime got committed prior to completion of his investigation, and the accuser's accusations are also in the papers.

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Paul Hue said...

"That alleged uncooperation with investigators outraged black and female students on Duke’s campus,"

I hate this kind of comment, which implies that only blacks can or do get mad at anti-black comments, or women at anti-women assaults. Surely the media record shows plenty of white males amoungst the protesters...