Duke Lacrosse Stripper Rape - Fight Over Refund?

As I suspected, the stripper "escorts" and their "patrons" seem to have gotten into a fight over money, which involved a demand for a refund. The neighbor who reported hearing as much was the same neighbor who reported hering the awful comment about "thank your grandparents for my cotton t-shirt." These facts don't *neccessarily* point me to believing or dis-believing the stripper's allegations. Even if the strippers themselves started the racial slurs, I must assume that white person who under even such a circumstance would have to be a hard-core racist to even think to say, "thank your grandma for my cotton t-shirt." Thus at this point I must concede that the party contained some true white racists. Meanwhile, if there was a fight over money, that certainly creates an incentive for the strippers to retalliate, while also providing an increased liklihood that if potential rapists were present, they may have taken via force what they felt they were owed for what they paid. A very fascinating case.

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