The Fraud of "Universal Health Care"

In the fun world of leftist math, everybody can get access to every expensive high-tech medical contrivance. In the real world of free market math, the only way to get the most possible people access to the most possible health care options is to maximize the fractions of people working and their incomes. To this real math, I would add a paradigm shift of thinking: combating acne and Alzhiemers with nurishing meals and snacks, as well as exercise.

What will happen to the subsidized, socialized health care systems of Canada and Europe of the US succumbs as well? Currently, US consumers subsidize the high tech medical options that residents of these other countries inneffiently access. When Merk, et al. can't even make profits in the US, I assume they'll collapse. Maybe then people will realize that the answer to heart disease and cancer isn't expensive operations and drugs, but rather life-long habits of nurishing foods and exercise.

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