How does Mexico treat *ITS* illegal immigrants on *ITS* southern border?

This article nearly adresses the paculiar notion of "latino" and "spanish" and "hispanic" and "mexican" somehow indicating a racial group, and one that is non-white. Very interesting for a group (Spanish) and nation (Mexico) with a ethnic origin identical to that of the British and the United States: White Europeans enslaving black Africans and conquering American Indians. How has "Spanish" and "Mexican" come to mean anything different than "English" and "US"? How does the last name "Gomez" in any way indicate ethnicity any more than than does "Johnson"?

And why do leftists accept and promote this bizarre view? It qualifies a bunch of crackers as "minorities".

Mixed in with this is the preposterous view that the Mexican-American War somehow constituted a war between non-whites and whites, when it was a war between two slave-holding, Indian-killing group of whites; Santana was white! Yet today's protesters claim that US soldiers "stole" California and Texas from Mexico. By what right other than force did either of these white groups have to these lands? And how would the plight of Mexicans today be improvied had Mexico won that war, given that a million or so Mexicans annually take enormous pains to move from Mexico to these lands controlled by the US.

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