Vouchers help DC black kids, attract black votes

Democrats and leftists in general support school vouchers for secondary education; Pell Grants and GSLs applie equally to UM-AA as they do Notre Dame and Harvard. Why the opposition to them for K-12? American secondary education attracts students from all over the world; most regard it either as the best, or at least excellent. Meanwhile US's K-12 is a laughing stock. In DC the govt schools are among the worst in the nation, despite having per student spending not only at the top, but so hight that it exceeds tuition at excellent nearby private schools.

This article shows how DC's black mayor ignored harsh opposition from democratic and other leftist leaders to endorse a repo measure to provide vouchers to some poor DC kids. The parents were reluctant at first; now they are enthusiastic, and fight over the limitted vouchers. What will happen when elections come around, and only the repos promise vouchers?

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